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Fall Product Program

The Girl Scouts of Colorado Fall Product Program is a great way for troops (both new and existing) to earn startup money Girl Scout activities throughout the year or to get one step closer to reaching their next goal. All troops receive 13% of their magazine orders as troop proceeds, plus $1.05/per item for nuts and chocolates sold. 

Girls sell to family and friends. They can do the entire program online or in-person using the order card and following safety guidelines. There is no physical inventory for troops and families to manage during the Fall Product Program. Service unit volunteers will distribute nuts and candy items to girls and caregivers after the program, for girl delivery to customers, along with girl rewards.

Many troop volunteers, caregivers, and Girl Scouts find that Fall Product Program is straightforward and participating can serve as practice for success during the Girl Scout Cookie Program. 

The Fall Product Program also helps girls learn the 5 Skills: goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. In addition to these important business and life skills, girls will also learn about philanthropy through the Care to Share option.

Training and Guides

Service Unit Volunteers

Service Unit Volunteers
At the end of August, live webinars for all service unit fall product managers (SUFPMs) will be available, along with online training in gsLearn and videos on the GSCO Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

Download, save, and read the guides below. They walk you through all you need to know in managing the Fall Product Program for your area!

Troop Volunteers

Troop Volunteers
Troop fall product managers can complete Fall Product Program training online in gsLearn and on the M2OS dashboard. Some service units may offer in person training at service unit meetings, depending on Covid-19 guidelines for the region and/or state. Check with your SUFPM. Also look for “how to” videos on the GSCO Facebook page and YouTube channel posted throughout the program.

TFPMs will present Fall Product Program training to girls and families. A video and slide deck will be shared with you by your SUFPM. During the family meeting/training, distribute program materials to girls/families (or coordinate material pick up) and encourage girls/families to participate. Make sure you collect signed permission slips too!

Download, save and read the guides below. They walk you through all you need to know in managing the Fall Product Program for your troop!

Girl Scout Families

Girl Scout Families
Be sure to watch the training video on the M2 dashboard when you log in! The training video for families will be posted in September on the GSCO Facebook page and YouTube channel too. The video will walk you through how to do everything in the M2 operating system!

Your troop fall product manager may present training at a troop family meeting as well. The TFPM will also have an order card, permission form, and other resources to give you and can answer your questions at the meeting and throughout the program.

Download, save, and read the guides below. They walk you through all you need to know to help your Girl Scout succeed during the Fall Product Program!

Juliette Caregivers

Juliette caregivers act as Fall Product Program managers for their Girl Scout Juliettes. Caregivers/parents help their Girl Scouts to set-up their online storefront in M2 and/or help them share the nut/candy order card with family and friends. Service unit fall product managers (SUFPMs) are key volunteers that will communicate with Juliette caregivers and are available to answer questions and offer support.

Below is a Juliette Caregiver Program Guide with important dates, steps to take before, during, and after the program, and tips for success! Also included are Juliette deposit instructions and best practices for taking in-person orders and making nut and candy deliveries.

The Juliette Caregiver M2OS Guide will walk you through how to use M2 to help your Girl Scout Juliette customize and manage her online storefront, enter order card orders, and select rewards.

Look for training and short, “how-to” videos on the GSCO Facebook page and YouTube Channel as well.

Juliette Caregiver Program Guide

Scan this QR code to go directly to the M2 login page.

  • Colorado M2 website

Online Program

Girls can set up and run their own online storefront through the M2 Operating System. It's simple! Go to to get started.

Girl Scouts can create their own avatars, set goals, and optimize their digital storefront, then send emails to friends and family asking them to purchase nuts, candy, magazine subscriptions to support their individual and troop goals.

Customers can purchase nuts to be donated to the U.S. Military as part of the "Care to Share" program.

Order Card

View and download the 2021 Fall Product Program order card.

Girl Rewards

Girls can earn rewards for different aspects and levels of the Fall Product Program. All rewards are cumulative. Note: Rewards are subject to change.

To see the girl rewards, click here.

Troop Proceeds

All participating troops receive 13% of their magazine orders, plus $1.05/per item for nuts and chocolates sold. Troops must have a troop fall product manager (TFPM) with a current GSCO membership and who has completed a TFPM agreement form and been approved by GSCO.

Care to Share

A customer can donate to Care to Share and treats will be distributed to the military. Troops earn $1.05 for each Care to Share donation, which count toward the individual girls’ rewards.  Girls can earn a special “Care to Share” patch if they have ten or more Care to Share donations.

2021 Fall Product Program Important Dates


Week of August 23 – Service Unit Fall Product Manager (SUFPM) training begins.

Week of August 30 – Troop Fall Product Manager (TFPM) training begins (SUFPMs present)


Week of September 6 - Troop Fall Product Manager (TFPM) training available online.

September 11 - Program Begins. Girls/caregivers receive log-in email.

Girls/troops can participate in Fall Product Program after the start date. Contact GSCO customer care for assistance.

Sept. 11 – Magazine contest and giant penguin drawing contest forms open. For magazine contest, Girl Scouts must complete the form as soon as they sell 15+ magazine subscriptions. The form will close once 50 valid submissions have been received.


  • October 10: Last day families can enter paper order card (Nut Promise), girl delivery orders. Families turn in order money collected to TFPM or payment for ALL girl delivery orders can be entered through M2 online storefront by 8 p.m.
  • October 11-12: TFPM enters remaining order card orders.
  • October 13: Last day for customers to order nut/candy items for girl delivery through online storefront only by 8 p.m. No late orders will be accepted.
  • October 13-25: Online nut and candy shipped orders, Care to Share (donate) orders and magazines continue.
  • October 25: Program ends. Girl M2OS online storefronts close at 8 p.m.
  • October 27: Girl Reward selections are due in M2OS by 8 p.m.

Week of Nov. 1-5: Fall product starts to be delivered to SUFPM. SUFPMs will coordinate product pick-ups with TFPMs and Juliette Caregivers. Products should be distributed to Girl Scouts/families as soon as possible.

Nov. 3: Fall Product Program ACH debit.

Week of Nov. 8-12: Girl Scouts start to deliver product to customers. Girls should communicate with customers to coordinate deliveries.

Nov. 19: Last Day to report fall product damages or shortages

Nov. 29-Dec. 3: Fall Product Program girl rewards start to be delivered to SUFPM. SUFPMs will coordinate reward pick-ups with TFPMs and Juliette Caregivers. Rewards should be distributed to Girl Scouts/families as soon as possible.



Have questions about Fall Product Program? Check out the FAQs.

Need M2OS technical support or assistance with orders? Contact M2 Customer Service or call 1-800-372-8520.