ColLABoration Station

STEM area with access to a sink, large lab counter, and a small refrigerator. There are small tables and chairs, as well as counter height stools. ColLABoration Station is perfect for hands-on activities like making slime, water-based experiments and other get messy activities. 
Capacity is 25 people.

Gathering Space

Flex space you can use as needed. There’s a small stage and a TV you can connect to, a serpentine bench and small tables and chairs. This is not a private, enclosed space. Capacity is 40 people.



You will have access to a small stage and a large TV screen, to which you can connect a computer to share content. There are small tables and 10-15 chairs available, in addition to seating along the serpentine wall or on the floor. If you have a special request for seating or audiovisual equipment for this space, please email the DreamLab Team at dreamlab@gscolorado.org

Capacity is 25 people.

Camp Girl Scout DreamLab

Indoor camping area including a tent, faux campfire, bean bag- and log-seating as well as a bench area. Camp DreamLab is great for a casual gathering to work on SWAPs, learn camp songs, or plan an upcoming real world camping trip. (Note: this is not a private, enclosed space)
Capacity is 15 people.

Friendship Room

A conference room with a TV you can connect your laptop to or show a video on. Perfect for troop meetings, volunteer gatherings, and other opportunities to get business done. This space is available at 3 p.m. to close each day. 
Capacity is 16 people.

Podcast Studio

Access to two computers, microphones, and podcasting software. 

Capacity is 4 people.