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anytime activities

Anytime Activities

There are tons of fun things to do with your troop! Check out the lists below for some ideas:

Council Patches

HealthOne Building Healthy Journeys

Explore healthcare careers as you learn how a hospital is much more than a place, it is a community of people working together to keep people healthy.

Daisy, Brownie, Junior Booklet

Cadette, Senior, Ambassador Booklet

Make Kindness The Norm

Make Kindness the Norm by Random Acts of Kindness 

In the Kindness Challenge patch, Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors explore the power of kindness and how both receiving it and sharing it with others can truly change the world, one kind act at a time.

Leader Guide
Patch Program Booklet

To request your FREE patch, complete this form after completing your booklet. Patches available for the first 500 Girl Scouts to complete the program.


GSCO Cookie Box Innovation Challenge

Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors- Want to learn more about innovation and how you can be an innovator? Complete our Cookie Box Innovation Challenge powered by Arrow Electronics by accessing our Google Classroom.

Once you complete the program, submit your innovation idea to receive your patch.

Solar United Neighbors (SUN) Patch

Solar United Neighbors has developed the SUN Patch Program that can be implemented by any Girl Scout across the United States! While earning the SUN patch, Girl Scouts of all ages can learn about how solar works, discover solar energy at work around them, and become solar ambassadors to help grow solar in their communities.

Your Girl Scout(s) can start earning the Solar United Neighbors SUN Patch by downloading the patch program PDF. Reach out to Solar United Neighbors directly at to let them know that your Girl Scouts will be working on the SUN patch! They can answer questions, offer ideas, and provide more ways for your troop to get involved with solar.

Follow the instructions in the “Reporting” section at the end of the patch program PDF to receive the SUN patches for your Girl Scouts.

Diverse. Inclusive. Together.

Diversity and inclusion have been core values of Girl Scouts since its founding in 1912. What is especially important about the Girl Scouts’ rich history of supporting women’s leadership is our insistence on being a voice for all girls, regardless of their background or neighborhood. In this patch program, participants will have the opportunity to explore developmentally appropriate activities that start the conversation of race and racism by learning to appreciate diversity and to honor and celebrate our differences in our local communities and around the world. They will also deepen their understanding and respect for people who may be different from them and learn how to better relate to others.

Please note, there are different patch activities for each Girl Scout level. Grant funding will provide FREE patches to the first 750 Girl Scouts of Colorado girl members who complete all activity and reporting requirements. Use this online form* to request your patch.

* Please note:  Free patches are only for current Colorado Girl Scouts who have fully completed the patch program. The form must be completed once for each individual Girl Scout. Non-Girl Scouts can fill out this online form to let us know they have completed the program, receive their digital patch, and/or order a physical patch.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Patch

We are excited to kick-off the next step in our partnership with Colorado Parks & Wildlife with the release of a special patch designed to go along with the Colorado state parks and fish hatcheries passport book. Girl Scouts can add a ring to the patch with each 5 new parks or hatcheries they visit, and along the way get to explore the amazing natural resources all across Colorado and participate in unique programs at each park! Read all about the patch.

GSCO Get Outdoors Challenge Patch
GSCO get outdoors patch

Earn the new Get Outdoors Challenge patch! This is a checklist challenge full of fun outdoor activities for the fall/winter and spring/summer seasons. Complete the required number of activities for your Girl Scout level to earn each side of the patch. This patch is designed to be girl-led and to get girls outside and having fun! Download the checklist to get started.

GSCO Outdoors Skills Patch

The GSCO Outdoor Skills Patch program is a progressive four-level patch that encourages girls to master several outdoor skills such as knot tying, fire building, outdoor cooking, navigation, outdoor gear, tools and more. It is designed for girls to work on and earn throughout their entire time as Girl Scouts.

Colorado Women's Hall of Fame

"The Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame is excited to partner with Girl Scouts of Colorado to provide girls across the state an opportunity to learn the stories of women who have shaped our state and the nation’s history with courage, leadership, intelligence, and creativity. Girl Scouts are future female leaders of Colorado and the Hall of Fame recognizes and preserves the accomplishments of past and present Colorado women.”

- M.L. Hanson, Founder of the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame

Girl Scouts of all ages can complete at least three of the seven activities listed on the patch instructions within 12 months and earn the Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame (CWHF) patch. 

View answers to the scavenger hunt here.

Once activities are completed, you can purchase the patch via the Girl Scouts of Colorado shop online or in person.

All Girl Scouts should take the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge before starting their online research.

Girl Scout created patches

Discovering the Wilderness

Gold Award Girl Scout Samantha created Discovering the Wilderness, a wilderness skills program, to teach our civilization's next generation the wilderness skills that are being forgotten. Samantha created this program because she was alarmed when her peers did not know the wilderness skills she knew and she thought all people should be able to survive in the world they live in. Download the Discovering Wilderness booklet to start learning more about the wilderness safety and survival. (updated 9/19)

Bringing Global to Girl Scouts

In a world that is rapidly changing and developing, it can sometimes be hard to remember how we connect to other girls — especially the ones that aren’t in our immediate presence.
This workshop aims to help Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies develop a sense of connection to the rest of the world. Many of the activities included were inspired and adapted from activities described in Girl Scout resources and handbooks, with publications ranging from 1926 all the way up to last year, 2019. By mixing the ideas of the past with the current knowledge and resources of today, we can gain new insight about ourselves and our Girl Scout and Girl Guide sisters around the world.

English Handbook
Spanish Handbook


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Girl Scout Activities

Girl Scout History
Visit our Ceremonies and Traditions page for time-honored celebrations, ceremonies and traditions

Girl Scout History Collection

The Girl Scout History Collection is a comprehensive history of the Girl Scout movement, seen through memorabilia, located in the Congress Park neighborhood of Denver. Thousands of items are on display including uniforms through the years, photos, camping gear, badges and insignia, and dozens of other categories. The collection is not open to the public, but you can schedule a tour for your Girl Scout troop. The tour consists of three or four parts, depending on troop level – a walk-though orientation, group discussion of Girl Scout history, and an opportunity for girls to explore the collection and ask about features that catch their attention. Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, and Seniors may also elect to view the 1918 silent film, “The Golden Eaglet”.

To schedule a tour, email If your troop is using the tour as part of the requirements toward a specific badge, let us know so the tour can be tailored to your needs. The exact address of the collection (Congress Park neighborhood of Denver) will be provided upon confirming your tour.

Tour duration:
Daisies – 45 minutes
Brownies – 1 hour and 15 minutes
Juniors and older – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Learn more about the Girl Scout History Collection on our blog

Download the flyer here. 

Girl Scout History Center

Did you know that Girl Scouts of Colorado has a history center?  It’s a great place to learn about Girl Scouting history with lots of displays to view, old handbooks to browse, and uniforms to try on! The center’s display case has historic items from our vast collection like cameras, cookie incentives, jewelry, camping equipment, and dolls. There’s even a scavenger hunt! We can also provide uniforms, flags, or specialized program boxes (and sometimes in-person programs) for badge work or special events.

The center is located in Loveland and open for tours by individuals or troops. There is also a camping display in the Homestead House at Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Meadow Mountain Ranch. Contact to make an appointment or find out more information.

Global Girl Scouting

Global Action Committee

Have you ever thought about changing the world? That is what Girl Scouts (and their sister Girl Guides all over the world) do on a day-to-day basis. Global Girl Scouts is one way to interact with girls and communities around the world through participation in cross-cultural learning opportunities. Whether traveling internationally or working on project in their local community with a worldwide impact, Girl Scouts are learning leadership skills while making the world a better place.

You probably already know that there are Girl Scouts all over the United States, but did you know that your sisterhood stretches around the world, too? Girl Scouts of the USA is part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), which includes 10 million girls in 150 countries. All those girls in all those counties are working to make the world a better place – just like you are!

Global Girl Scouts mission: To inspire girls and young women to reach their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world.

Opportunities to support Girl Scouts include traveling the world, earning the Global Action Award, donating to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund, and participating in Global Action Days.

Questions? Email

Virtual Tours of the WAGGGS World Centers

Get to know our World Centers

Global Girl Scout Flyer

Girl Scout Guide to U.S. Travel

Global Action Day Toolkit

WAGGGS Countries

World Thinking Day

On February 22, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides across 150 countries celebrate World Thinking Day—that’s one big celebration!

The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), along with Girl Scouts of the USA and the other WAGGGS member organizations, have celebrated World Thinking Day since 1926. That’s when delegates from around the globe met at Camp Edith Macy—now called Edith Macy Conference Center—in New York and agreed that February 22 would now be known as a special day for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide.

Observed by 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts worldwide, World Thinking Day 2021 celebrates what it means to be a peacebuilder, an important component of our global Movement. Check out our activity guides below to explore this theme—and celebrate being part of the diverse global sisterhood that is Girl Guides and Girl Scouts!

Global Action Award

In 2015, leaders worldwide agreed to work together to accomplish 17 goals by 2030: the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (SDGs). They focus on topics like taking care of the environment, making sure all people have enough to eat, and improving people’s health. Although they’re big goals, Girl Scouts know a thing or two about changing the world!

Our Global Action award calls for girls to address the SDGs by discovering, connecting, and taking action in their communities and beyond. In 2020, we’re emphasizing SDG #5 (gender equality). In 2021, girls will explore SDG #13 (climate action) to earn their Global Action award.

The Global Action award is an official national award, so Girl Scouts can wear it on their vest or sash, just like a badge.

2021 Global Action Award Activity Guide for Younger Girl Scouts

2021 Global Action Award Activity Guide for Older Girl Scouts

2020 Global Action Award Activity Guide for Younger Girl Scouts

2020 Global Action Award Activity Guide for Older Girl Scouts

Learn about the Peace Corps. Request a returned Peace Corps volunteer to speak with your Girl Scout troop.

Ceremonies & Traditions

Girl Scouts love participating in time-honored celebrations, ceremonies and traditions, and they love making up their own traditions, too. Sharing traditions with millions of Girl Scouts—and the huge network of Girl Scout alumnae who came before them—helps remind girls they belong to a big, powerful sisterhood.

Girl Scout celebrations:

Founder’s Day

Juliette Gordon Low was born on October 31, 1860 a few months before the Civil War began. Girl Scouts of all ages honor Juliette Low’s birthday on or near October 31. Younger girls enjoy hearing the story of the founder, some plan a field trip or special outing like roller-skating, while older girls may choose to do a service project.

Learn more about Juliette Gordon Low here.

Girl Scout Leadership Day

Girl Scout Leader’s Day was first commemorated about 25 years ago on April 22. Originally designed to honor adult volunteers who led Girl Scout troops, over the years Leader’s Day has evolved to recognize the contributions of volunteers throughout our Movement. It is now more appropriately called Girl Scout Leadership Day, an inclusive term that acknowledges the important role that older girls, staff members and others play in striving to make Girl Scouting the premier leadership development organization for girls

Girl Scout Week

The first Girl Scout meeting was held on March 12, 1912, in Savannah, Ga. On or near March 12th each year girls celebrate by eating birthday cake and ice cream, attending a unit event, joining with other troops and singing songs, conducting a service project or attending a council-sponsored event.

World Thinking Day

On this day Girl Scouts and Girl Guides worldwide celebrate international friendship. Each year on Feb. 22 they “think about one another” and the millions of members in this sisterhood. Learn more on the GSUSA Web site.

Girl Scouts of the USA is a member of the largest organization for girls and women in the world, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). Currently there are 144 member countries of WAGGGS. WAGGGS operates four World Centers: Our Cabana in Cuernavaca Mexico, Our Chalet in Adelboden Switzerland, Pax Lodge in London England (adjacent the World Bureau) and Sangam in Pune India, where Girl Scouts and Girl Guides (adults and girls) from around the world are welcome to enjoy the sisterhood of Girl Scouting. The WAGGGS organization promotes a triennial theme of significance to the well being of girls worldwide. More information and practical activities relating to World Thinking Day is available on the WAGGGS Web site and the World Thinking Day site.

Girl Scout Traditions:

Girl Scouts make the Girl Scout sign when they say the Girl Scout Promise. The three fingers represent the three parts of the Promise.

The Girl Scout motto is "Be prepared." In the 1947 Girl Scout Handbook, the motto was explained this way: "A Girl Scout is ready to help out wherever she is needed. Willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency." The same ideas are true today.

The Girl Scout slogan, which has been used since 1912, is "Do a good turn daily." The slogan is a reminder of the many ways girls can contribute positively to the lives of others.

Girl Scouts can greet each other with the Girl Scout handshake, used by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world. The handshake is made by shaking hands with the left hand and making the Girl Scout sign with the right. The left hand is nearest to the heart and signifies friendship.

The friendship circle stands for an unbroken chain of friendship with Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world. Everyone stands in a circle, crosses their right arms over their left, and clasps hands with their friends on both sides. Everyone makes a silent wish as a friendship squeeze is passed from hand to hand.

Girl Scouts often make small tokens of friendship to exchange with the Girl Scouts they meet when they travel. These little gifts are called  SWAPS, which stands for Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere or Shared With A Pal.

Important Ceremonies in Girl Scouting

Flag ceremonies: It is a tradition for Girl Scouts to perform a flag ceremony at their troop meetings or at their schools, special events or other occasions.

Bridging ceremonies mark a girl's move from one level of Girl Scouting to another.

Fly-Up is a bridging ceremony for Girl Scout Brownies bridging to Girl Scout Juniors. Girls receive the Girl Scout pin along with their Brownie wings.

A Highest Awards Ceremony honors Girl Scouts who have earned Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Girl Scouts' Own is a girl-planned program that allows girls to explore their feelings around a topic, such as friendship or the Girl Scout Promise and Law, using spoken word, favorite songs, poetry, or other expressions. It is never a religious ceremony.

Investiture welcomes new members, girls or adults, into the Girl Scout family for the first time. Girls receive their Girl Scout, Girl Scout Brownie, or Girl Scout Daisy pin at this time.

Journey ceremonies honor Girl Scouts who have earned the final award along a Journey. The ceremonies are usually held at the troop/group level and invite the girls to develop a themed celebration of their Journey, often including friends and family.

  • Opening ceremonies start the Girl Scout meeting.
  • Pinning ceremonies help celebrate when girls receive grade-level Girl Scout pins.
  • Rededication ceremonies are an opportunity for girls and adults to renew their commitment to the Girl Scout Promise and Law.
Community Service

Remember: While Girl Scouts are encouraged to volunteer in their communities, they are not allowed to raise funds for other organizations.

  • Volunteer with Family Promise: Family Promise is a homeless shelter for Denver-area families. We need volunteers every weekday night or weekend day to help serve meals to the families, participate in craft activity and just spend time with the children and parents transitioning out of homelessness. Please email  to learn more and/or participate! 
  • Tiny Free Library:  In cooperation with the Colorado Reads Initiative, the Tiny Free Library is a community project seeking volunteers to build small hyper local libraries which will house books and serve as a free book exchange. This project aims to promote literacy to low income and homeless families and individuals. The libraries will be placed on the sites of organizations that provide services to low income and homeless families and individuals. We are seeking volunteers who can both supply materials, build the libraries, and place them at designated organization sites. We will need the tiny libraries filled with both children and adult books. Books do not need to be new, just in good condition. See the  attached flier for more information.
  • Reading Partners - Elementary School Reading Tutoring: Reading Partners is a literacy non-profit that provides one-on-one tutoring services for children struggling with basic reading skills. By pairing students with a community mentor we are able to provide them with the attention and help they need to be stronger students and individuals. We have 11 centers located around the Denver-metro area, all with diverse schedules. This is a week day volunteer opportunity, and perfect for any troop looking for community service, badge-work, or potential Gold Award projects. Click on the title above for additional information and a list of participating schools. For more information, contact Susan Andersen at or call (720) 965-0266.


  • Project C.U.R.E.: Kits for Kids - The Kits for Kids program supplies families in the developing world with common "medicine cabinet" items.  Everyday supplies that we find in U.S. households like bar soap, antibiotic ointment, and bandages are very rarely found in clinics or homes in the developing world.  You can send Kits for Kids to clinics and households all around the world in five easy steps:

1. Fill out the Kits for Kids Request Form (Click   here to begin Step 1)
2. Donate your $5 per Kit for shipping and processing (Click here ). *Please select “Other” if you are donating a different amount than listed.
3. Fill bags: Please include ALL items listed on the website.
4. Drop bags: Please take completed Kits for Kids to our Centennial warehouse at 10377 E. Geddes Ave, Ste. 200 Centennial, CO 80112
5. Track your Kit(s) by using the tag on the bags if you would like to find out where they go!

Be sure to check out this Girl Scout Silver Award Project about why Kits for Kids is so important. For more information, please email

  • Intergrated Family Community Services - Intergrated Family Community Services provides basic human services and enrichment programs to low-income people using community resources. Inter-Faith fosters self-sufficiency and respects the dignity of each client. IIFCS fosters self-sufficiency and respects the dignity of each client. It serves the people of Centennial, Englewood, Glendale, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lone Tree, Sheridan, and unincorporated Arapahoe County.  Our largest need at Intergrated Family is food, clothing, and financial support. Volunteer opportunities at Integrated Family Community Services are mainly focused on collecting donations for our client’s needs.
Other Activities

Meet Juliette Low

"Meet Juliette Low” is a one-woman live 50-minute presentation suitable to all your Girl Scouts from Daisies to Leaders. Wearing an authentic costume, Charlotte will provide a lively interactive program (the girls learn quick semaphores, formal tea drinking, answering questions and more) including highlights of Daisy’s life and the founding of Girl Scouts in the USA. A display with photos from her life and bookmarks for participants are provided. As a life-long Girl Scout I have enjoyed performing for tea parties, Founders Day, Thinking Day and other events for Service Units, large individual troops and the statewide council in Colorado and Wyoming.

Download the flyer for full details.

You can contact Charlotte at

Songbird Choir

Songbirds Girl Scout Choir is in its 18th year of operation and is open to all who wish to sing and learn songs from the past and present in the Girl Scout traditions. All ages are welcome. Guitar class is offered. Song books are provided. The choir can perform where requested wearing royal blue logo polo shirts. There is no cost and no registration is required. Troops, groups or families are welcome. Choir director is Penny Roberts,, PO Box 211, Estes Park, Co. 80517 or 970 586 1775. (updated 11182019)


Wild Animal Sanctuary Cirriculum

This curriculum created by Gold Award Girl Scout Macy will lead Girl Scouts through the Wild Animal Sanctuary and guide you through a step by step process into becoming a wild animal conservation expert. Macy hopes Girl Scouts will to continue to come to the Sanctuary to learn and to carry on the project through spreading awarenes. 

Download the cirriculum here. 


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GSCO Partner Badges, Patches, and Journeys

The Museum of Flight

Juniors Aviation Badge Workshop

Explore the world of aviation and learn about what it takes to become a pilot!

In this virtual workshop, Girl Scouts will spend time on their own learning all things general aviation – the skills a pilot needs to have to get their license, a virtual visit to The Museum ofFlight to investigate aircraft engineering, and some amazing stories of women aviators throughout history.

More information and purchasing:

Juniors Playing the Past Badge Workshop

Journey back in time to the world of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) – brave women who served the United States during World War II by supporting the military in getting airplanes to the places they needed to be!

Girl Scout Juniors will spend time on their own learning about what it was like to be a young woman in the 1940s and then join other Girl Scouts in an hour-long virtual Living History event. By the end of this workshop, your Girl Scout will have the opportunity to get to know and become a WASP.

More information and purchasing:


Engineering Your Future Today
brainworks logo and website
Juliette Gordon Low

Information coming soon!

Play Well
Play-Well Logo - green

Play-Well – Lego-inspired engineering for kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade. At Play-Well TEKnologies, they know that kids are already naturally gifted creators. Play-Well can help troops with Girl Scout STEM Badges – choose the badge your Girl Scouts would like to work on, and they’ll find a project that would work! You can build cars, conveyor belts, robots, bridges, towers, walking projects, and more! Our LEGO projects are fantastic for you engineers and scientists.

Badge steps Play-Well can help with: What Robots Do, How Robots Move, Design a Robot, Model Car Design Challenge and more!

Kendra Quinn


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GSCO Partner Programs


Interactive Walking Tours: Is your troop looking for a fun field trip, team-building, socializing or an educational tour, while having the opportunity to earn a badge?

Our team of tour guides is available seven days a week to lead Girl Scouts on tours showcasing the unique history, architecture, and landmarks of Denver at a cost of just $7 per Girl Scout with up to three parents and chaperones being 100% free. Specialty tours and customized tours are also available to meet your troops' interests.

Guides are trained in utilizing best practice youth engagement techniques  (role playing, open-ended questions, writing/drawing prompts, use of movement, utilizing all five senses for observation/exploration, pair sharing, etc.) in all of our children and teen tours. 

Click here to view our flyer with information on our tours available to Girl Scout Troops. More information can be found on our website: Please reach out to Jill Collins at or 720-372-3849 to inquire about booking a tour or for help with any questions.


Girl Scout Yoga:  Would you like to offer your Girl Scout troop a unique and fun field trip experience that incorporates exercise, team bonding, relaxation and positivity…. And earn a patch at the same time? Give us a call to find out more about a Girl Scout Yoga class!

Grand Valley Kids Yoga is currently scheduling one-hour classes for the girls to enjoy an hour of fun and learning about yoga through games, bonding, practice and creativity. Our kids yoga Instructor is accredited and certified through Kidding Around Yoga. A Kidding Around Yoga badge will be given to every girl in the class. Cost is $5 per person and includes cost of patch. Call 970-260-6121 or email for more information (updated 8/19)

Find your Inner Warrior:  This one-hour session can easily help to fulfill the requirements for "Practical Life Skills" or the Make Your Own Badges for the Cadettes, Ambassadors, and Seniors. Learn from a 3rd Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, Sensei Shawna (also a Certified Basic Archery Instructor) who grew up in the Girl Scouts. In addition to Basic Self Defense/Staying Safe Strategies, girls are taught how to use their voices with authority, how to walk with confidence, how to use fearful situations to empower themselves, and how to stick up for a friend who is being bullied. In addition, girls are encouraged to follow their dreams in potentially having their own business in a field that empowers others and encourages goal-setting, overcoming challenges (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), "grace under pressure" and so much more. Come to see a State-Of-The-Art Traditional Home Dojo for this Seminar (Highlands Ranch), or schedule this on-site. Discounted price of $25 per participant (10 yrs and up, including adults) with a 5 student minimum. Register by contacting Sensei Shawna at or 720-290-7398. (updated 9/19)

Museums and Learning Centers

US Mint – Visit the US Mint in Denver for site tours and or contact them to schedule financial education outreach programming. Guided tours are 45 minutes in length. Tours start every 90 minutes beginning at 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday (excluding federal holidays). You are encouraged to make your reservation as early as possible since a limited number of tours are available. Reservations are required for all tours. General tour information: 303-405-4761. 

Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum Opportunities

  • Aviation Exploration: Tour of the museum with introduction to theory and aircraft propulsion. Includes access to cockpits of select aircraft.
  • Flight Adventure: In addition to the Aviation Exploration tour, learn basic functions of aircraft instruments and control systems and apply that learning using a computer flight simulator.
  • Flight Engineer: In addition to the Aviation Exploration tour, learn basic aerodynamics and aircraft control surfaces by constructing and test flying a model aircraft.
  • Project Pilot: A team challenge! Attend an aviation ground school to learn basic flight planning and navigation. Test your skill by flying your planned mission using a computer flight simulator. Includes a museum tour.

Note: These opportunities can be tailored to meet Girl Scout Journey or badge requirements for the specific age level of girls attending (especially for Junior: aMUSE and Cadette: Breathe). For details and to schedule a program, contact the Museum Education Department at 303-360-5360 x116

Denver ZooBring your Girl Scout group to spend a night at Denver Zoo! Each bunk overnight adventure features different activities geared toward different themes. Groups can earn badges with a very special experience! You and your group will explore the Zoo and its exhibits, learn about different animals, and participate in games and activities.

Girl Scout Bunk with the Beasts Programs

  • Daisies:  Three Cheers for Animals
  • Brownie Series: Senses
  • Juniors: Animal Habitats
  • Multi-level: Go Nocturnal
  • Multi-level: Mother's Day Bunk and Breakfast.

Cost • $55 per Girl Scout, $55, per Adult Chaperone  (One Girl Scout leader per troop is free)
Visit the Zoo's Scout Bunks site for more details and registration.
Questions? Please contact the Guest Care Center at 720-337-1400 ex. 4 or

Check out the event calendar for upcoming Bunk with the Beast events.

Black American West Museum and Heritage Center

Girl Scouts are invited to visit the Black American West Museum and Heritage Center and receive a Black History Patch while supplies last. Girls can visit any Friday or Saturday from 10 a.m. -2 p.m..  
Every month is Black History Month! For more information call 720-242-7428 Admissision fee is required. 


Terrarium Tours at Denver Botanic Gardens: Terrarium Tours are guided interactive explorations led by a Denver Botanic Gardens’ educator. This program is 45-60 minutes long depending on the size and age of your group. The program includes a 20-30 minute led tour of a section of the Gardens, 20-30 minutes terrarium planting activity and a self-guided scavenger hunt to help continue your group’s exploration after the program. Your program fee includes admission to the Gardens; after the program, enjoy the Gardens with your group on your own. Advanced reservations are required. Price: $100 program fee due when you schedule the program. The program fee includes up to 10 scouts and two adults. Additional Girl Scouts are $10. One adult for every five Girl Scouts is admitted free of charge. Additional adults and non-participating siblings over the age of two are $7. Your final head count and payment are due 48 hours before the start of your program. To register please visit or call 720-865-3500. For Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors. 

BeHerd - An Equine-Assisted Activities Program: BeHerd is a horse activities program designed to instill self-confidence in young people by incorporating conversation and lessons on the "herds" we participate in, the vision we create around ourselves and the respect we require of others. This program is conducted with my rescue horse on the ground and provides a fun and beneficial activity to enhance awareness of our choices. For more information, visit To schedule your event contact: 720-421-5033 or

Junior Ranger Activity Books and Awards - Explore and celebrate the multiple uses of public lands. The BLM’s Junior Ranger Program allows you to engage in recreation, learning, and stewardship of your public lands. Junior Ranger on-site programs and online activity books and materials will motivate you, your friends, and family to visit BLM sites and join the adventure. Email orders to: For materials ordering questions contact PMDS (303) 236-1975.

The BLM's Junior Ranger Program engages young people in recreation, learning, and stewardship on public lands in order to enhance awareness of the BLM's natural and cultural resource management mission. Junior Ranger programs, activity books, and other materials will motivate young people and their families to visit BLM sites.

For more information on the Junior Ranger program, please contact Derrick Baldwin, Division of Interpretation, Education and Partnerships, at or 970-882-6805.

Four Mile Historic Park - Take a step back in time to where the frontier comes to life!  The Four Mile House was the last stop coming west to Denver along the Cherokee Trail.  Girl Scout groups can customize their Journey or Badge earning experience to include 3 activities in a 2 hour time frame.  Choose from activities like Gold Panning, Butter Making, Prairie School, Pioneer games and many more!  2 week advance registration is required for group activities.  Groups can also visit the park through regular admission.  Call:  720-865-0814, or visit or email

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Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships for Older Girls
Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes - Girl Scouts are doing great things to help other people or the planet, and we want to honor them! This annual youth recognition award celebrates inspiring, public-spirited young people ages 8 to 18 who have made a significant positive difference to people and our environment. Each year, ten to fifteen winners each receive a $5,000 cash award to support their service work or higher education. Nomination deadline is April 15. For more information and to nominate, visit Questions? Contact Barbara Richman at