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Anytime Activities

There are tons of fun things to do with your troop! Check out the lists below for some ideas:

Girl Scout Activities

Badges and Journeys
Girl Scout Traditions and History
Other Activities
Global Girl Scouts

Community Service


Remember: While Girl Scouts are encouraged to volunteer in their communities, they are not allowed to raise funds for other organizations.

  • Volunteer with Family Promise: Family Promise is a homeless shelter for Denver-area families. We need volunteers every weekday night or weekend day to help serve meals to the families, participate in craft activity and just spend time with the children and parents transitioning out of homelessness.
  • Tiny Free Library:  In cooperation with the Colorado Reads Initiative, the Tiny Free Library is a community project seeking volunteers to build small hyper local libraries which will house books and serve as a free book exchange. This project aims to promote literacy to low income and homeless families and individuals. The libraries will be placed on the sites of organizations that provide services to low income and homeless families and individuals. We are seeking volunteers who can both supply materials, build the libraries, and place them at designated organization sites. We will need the tiny libraries filled with both children and adult books. Books do not need to be new, just in good condition.

  • Memory Bag Program: Lil Things For Lil Ts Friends is looking for volunteers to help with their memory bag program for pregnancy and infant loss. This program is best suited for high school aged girl scouts and adults. There is a need to create items (mostly handmade) to go in the bags, as well as helping putting the bags together. The keepsake memory bags will then be distributed through hospitals to those who have suffered the loss of a baby. They are based out of the Pikes Peak region, but the program can be done anywhere statewide. To volunteer, please contact Amy Kincaid at
  • Volunteer with RISE Early Literacy Program - Center for Hearing Speech and Language is a non-profit located in Denver, CO. One of the departments within the Center, called RISE, works with underprivileged toddlers to give them a chance at literacy. RISE is a free language and literacy program that supplements preschool curriculum working with children living in inner city public housing. We are looking for volunteers to help either leading the RISE sessions at the different sites as well as reading buddies to children ages 3-5 in our program. 

  • Project C.U.R.E.: Kits for Kids - The Kits for Kids program supplies families in the developing world with common "medicine cabinet" items.  Everyday supplies that we find in U.S. households like bar soap, antibiotic ointment, and bandages are very rarely found in clinics or homes in the developing world.  You can send Kits for Kids to clinics and households all around the world in five easy steps:

1. Fill out the Kits for Kids Request Form (Click  here to begin Step 1)
2. Donate your $5 per Kit for shipping and processing (Click here for Step 2). *Please select “Other” if you are donating a different amount than listed.
3. Fill bags: Please include ALL items listed on the website.
4. Drop bags: Please take completed Kits for Kids to our Centennial warehouse at 10377 E. Geddes Ave, Ste. 200 Centennial, CO 80112
5. Track your Kit(s) by using the tag on the bags if you would like to find out where they go!

For more information, please email

  • NONPROFIT FINDER - Looking for a kid or family-friendly service project at your favorite non-profit?  Need to know who best to contact at your favorite organization? Here is a great resource from the Young Philanthropists Foundation that may help point you in the right direction. Also, are you curious about how best to create a meaningful service project? Here is a great brochure on the subject, also provided by YPF.

Outside Group Activities


Interactive Walking Tours: Is your troop looking for a fun field trip, team-building, socializing or an educational tour, while having the opportunity to earn a badge?

Our team of tour guides is available seven days a week to lead Girl Scouts on tours showcasing the unique history, architecture, and landmarks of Denver at a cost of just $7 per Girl Scout with up to three parents and chaperones being 100% free. Specialty tours and customized tours are also available to meet your troops' interests.

Guides are trained in utilizing best practice youth engagement techniques  (role playing, open-ended questions, writing/drawing prompts, use of movement, utilizing all five senses for observation/exploration, pair sharing, etc.) in all of our children and teen tours. 

Click here to view our flyer with information on our tours available to Girl Scout Troops. More information can be found on our website: Please reach out to Jill Collins at or 720-372-3849 to inquire about booking a tour or for help with any questions.

Dental Office Tour - Come tour a dental office and learn about all the exciting career paths you can take within the dental world. We can show you all our extensive and highly modern technology while also showing you the benefits of working within a dental office. There are many careers for women within this field, and we can always use more female dentists. Please contact Michaela Odenbaugh for locations and she can coordinate a day and time that works for your troop. Email: Cell: (970) 381-1069


Girl Scout Yoga:  Would you like to offer your Girl Scout troop a unique and fun field trip experience that incorporates exercise, team bonding, relaxation and positivity…. And earn a patch at the same time? Give us a call to find out more about a Girl Scout Yoga class!

Grand Valley Kids Yoga is currently scheduling one-hour classes for the girls to enjoy an hour of fun and learning about yoga through games, bonding, practice and creativity. Our kids yoga Instructor is accredited and certified through Kidding Around Yoga. A Kidding Around Yoga badge will be given to every girl in the class. Cost is $5 per person and includes cost of patch. Call 970-260-6121 or email for more information

Find your Inner Warrior:  This one-hour session can easily help to fulfill the requirements for "Practical Life Skills" or the Make Your Own Badges for the Cadettes, Ambassadors and Seniors. Learn from a 3rd Degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, Sensei Shawna (also a Certified Basic Archery Instructor) who grew up in the Girl Scouts. In addition to Basic Self Defense/Staying Safe Strategies, girls are taught how to use their voices with authority, how to walk with confidence, how to use fearful situations to empower themselves, and how to stick up for a friend who is being bullied. In addition, girls are encouraged to follow their dreams in potentially having their own business in a field that empowers others and encourages goal-setting, overcoming challenges (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), "grace under pressure" and so much more. Come see a State-Of-The-Art Traditional Home Dojo for this Seminar (Highlands Ranch), or schedule this on-site. $19 per participant (8 yrs and up) with a 5 student minimum. Register by contacting Sensei Shawna at or 720-290-7398.

Badges and Journeys

Photography Badge Collaboration: I am a graduate student here in Denver focusing on Conservation Photography. I am a lifetime member of Girl Scouts and would love to collaborate with a troop or group of girls interested in earning the Photographer badge, while looking through an environmental lens! If you are interested in working on the Photographer badge with me, please contact Dawn Moon at or 307-797-4448 to schedule a time. Cost will be dependent on the location of the project. There are several places where this activity will be free.

Robotics and Electronics: EEME & Girl Scouts combined objective: 1. Foster innovation in field of electronics, robotics and coding 2. Popularize conceptual and practical elements of robotics 3. Helps gaining programming & designing robots badge

What EEME Teaches? 1. Curiosity By combining hands-on projects with online curricula, we tap into kids' innate curiosity by getting them to build with their hands, at the same time as they interact with quizzes that ensure they understand the workings behind the project. 2. Communication By building a platform where kids can mentor other kids in what they've already learned, kids will learn by teaching. Not only that, they will learn how to lead, how to effectively communicate their ideas, and how to break down complex pieces of knowledge into simpler ones. 3. Critical Thinking By explaining the "why" in addition to the "how," we teach kids how to ask questions and to take charge of their learning.

Elite Dance Academy: Dance Classes/Workshops to Fullfill Badge Requirements. Elite Dance Academy would like to host Troops looking to fullfill badge requirements for My Best Self, Dancer, Staying Fit, and Practicing with a Purpose badges. Elite has two locations, in Boulder and Broomfield, and can provide classes/workshops in either location. Please let us know if there's any other way we may serve you and your troop! We would love to invite all Daisy, Brownie, and Junior Girl Scouts to come and dance with us! Please call our studio at (303) 442-3745 or (303) 466-8626 for additional information!

On the Trail to Health, Heritage, and Happiness™: This program fulfills requirements towards the Brownie Hiker Badge. To register, email to set up your invoice address and account. The cost is $25 per troop, per route. At you select from heritage hunt routes along the Cache la Poudre River. Along the route, the troops answers heritage-themed questions, which they answer by reading interpretive signs. The group also takes photos at certain points of interest. After the route is completed, all the answers and photos are uploaded to our website submission form.

Arts and Crafts Badge: Earn your painting, art, craft, sewing or create your own creative badge at Little Red Hen Studio!- A Girl Scout leader owned creative studio! Cost is $12-15 per girl scout depending on the project you choose. 

Book your day and time, ask questions and pick your project at or contact Jennifer at 720-938-9876

Climate Change Patch with Colorado Moms Know Best:  Girl Scouts can learn more about what causes climate change and what you can do to prevent it. Working to earn the patch means learning skills from research to presentations to organizing. There are activities for Girl Scouts of all ages. Any interested girl is welcome to participate and patches are available in the GSCO shop for purchase. Girl Scouts can work on patch requirements as a troop or on their own, too. To find details about the patch, check out /.

Colorado Moms Know Best is a network of parents standing up for our children by protecting Colorado’s outdoors and quality of life, especially our clean air. For questions contact Jen Clanahan at or Lori Thompson at

Earn Your Comic Artist Badge!: Dan Conner, with Crazy Good Comics, is an educator and cartoonist based in the Metro Denver area. He is passionate about using artwork to impact our community and finds that comics are one of the best ways to do this!  With his series, My Gal, the Zombie, Dan uses our culture’s popular fantasy theme of zombies as a metaphor for diversity.  While not including scary content, he hopes that readers can draw parallels between this fiction and real life situations of discrimination. From brainstorming to publication, Dan can equip your girls to not only earn their Comic Artist badge, but to become cartoonist. They can also work on other badges, such as screen writing, drawing, and others. Workshops include advanced instructions geared specifically to their goals using skills with technology, collaboration, leadership, team building, artistic expression, and even bully prevention. He could also work with your troop to release their comics in a variety of formats. Workshops can be scheduled directly by contacting Dan. A minimum of 10 girls are required for a three hour session, and the cost of $12 per girl includes all materials. There is no additional charge for adults.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to collaborate with an award winning artist!


YoungArt: YoungArt offers a drop in art studio for children in Park Meadows mall. YoungArt is unique because they teach their students how to draw and use different techniques, and also allow parents to drop children off while they shop if they are over the age of three. At a time when art has been drastically eliminated from schools, YoungArt activates its mission to inspire creativity at a local level. In the past, we have had Girl Scout troops come in and complete many badges in the art category. If you are interested in coming in to complete a badge please email Peyton Ramsey at or call us at 720-788-6664! Now offering 20% off for individual lessons and Girl Scout parties.

Nutrition classes at Natural Grocers on University Blvd. in Denver: For more information or to schedule a class call Kim Moceri at 303-694-3000 or stop by her Natural Grocers location at 6774 S University Blvd.

  • Kids Class - Nutrition 4 the Win: Discover how the food you eat feeds your muscles, heart, bones and brain. Build a better plate with tasty treats and fun activities! Parents/caregivers - please stay and play. We can all win when it comes to nutrition! Join Registered Dietitian and Nutritional Health Coach, Kim Moceri in learning how the food choices we make help us grow healthy and strong!
  • Building Meals for Superhero Health Nutrition Education: Learn basic principles of meal planning to help remove the kryptonite from your diet and help you experience the POW! Join Registered Dietitian and Nutritional Health Coach, Kim Moceri in learning how to build meals to provide your body with super power nutrition!
  • Can Your Food Choices Save The Planet? How can one person influence change in the face of such a problem? Farmers who raise animals on managed pasture provide a beacon of hope and a way in which your food choices can save the planet! Join Registered Dietitian and Nutritional Health Coach, Kim Moceri in learning how the food choices we make can help to support sustainable agricultural practices.

Over the Counter Medicine Safety: Juniors and Cadettes can join pharmacy students to learn about Over-the-Counter medication safety. Learn how to: - Read medicine directions - Following OTC label directions - Properly measure medicine doses - Safely store and dispose of medicine - Consult with parent or guardian before taking medications If you are interested or have additional questions, contact

Pizza Dough from Scratch Cooking Class: Schedule a free DIY Pizza Dough Class at your local Pizzeria Locale to learn how to make delicious pizza dough. The class includes a dough making demonstration, hands on dough stretching and of course lunch! Class can be booked any day of the week except Friday from 10 - 11:30 am. Contact to register or with any additional questions.

Free Nutrition Classes at Natural Grocers in Denver (368 S Broadway Denver, CO 80209) Rachel is a Nutritional Health Coach at Natural Grocers and is passionate about teaching the community about wellness and nutrition. She has worked with Brownies, Juniors, and Cadettes to help them earn a Healthy Living badge. The South Broadway Natural Grocers store has a beautiful demonstration kitchen where Scouts and parents can come for an interactive nutrition lesson, followed by healthy snacks. Please contact Rachel to schedule a free private class for your troop at  or 303-733-3033.

Babysitting CPR Training JEANius - My Babysitting CPR course (4+ hours), which I've taught for 15 years, is through the American Safety and Health Institute and I cover quality time babysitting, preventing injuries, first aid, choking skill, diapering, burping, shaken baby and more – and FULL CPR with 3 sizes of mannequins. Youth (age 11+) leave class with excellent training, a great babysitting book, a Certification Card and CONFIDENCE. 

On my website, I have a page called “Compare the Classes” listing how recreation centers and national agencies do not include CPR. I believe it is vital – you are MOST LIKELY to give care to someone you love (beyond babysitting jobs, at home, with friends, etc.) 

The class is $70 per student. I am a college teacher, professional actor, event manager and safety instructor and I make the class lively and value-packed. 

Please visit my website to learn more –


Scout Sundays with Your Soul's Movement: Join Your Soul's Movement for Scout Sundays every Sunday. Through dance, voice, music, and theatre we hope to help the girls build characters of courage and confidence.

18th Annual Teddy Bear Project: TEDDY BEAR PROJECT sponsored by the Child Rescue Foundation 303-628-0477

WHAT: The Teddy Bear Project ™ has begun! Since 1999 the community has been collecting, tagging and delivering plush animals (new and slightly loved), of any size, shape, race, color, gender or occupation. The Child Rescue Foundation, Inc. designed the Teddy Bear Project™ in the fall of 1999 as a way to reach children in crisis with a symbol of unconditional love. Mission: To provide outreach, referral and financial assistance to children and families impacted by violence and transition ( WHO: From the very young, to the not so very young, everyone can make a difference in the life of a child.

SIGN-UP: Please visit the web site at, follow the prompts for Teddy Bear ProjectDownloads and go to MHGS button.

DATES: - September 1: Annually begin collection of new and slightly loved only, any size, color, gender or profession - November 21: Final day for delivery How Does the Project Work?

Step 1: Sign up online
Step 2: Collect
Step 3: Post collection- Tag! Have a tagging party with your troop. This is where the Kids Empowering Kids part of the program swings into full gear!!
Step 4: Email us at for delivery.

How Many Bears Should We Donate? Some troops gave several hundred bears. Some of the smaller and younger troops collected 5-25 animals per troop. Every effort counts! Where Do the Bears Go? These animals went to children in hospitals, trauma centers, shelters, the Courts and Human Services and many more. This year, we will be adding over 900 homeless children and 200 children adopted by CRF working with the Drug Enforcement Agency. What is the purpose of the hearts and the names on each one? The hearts are a universal symbol of unconditional love. Feedback from children comes in the form of cards made from hearts. The names are a personalized way for children to say to another child “We cared enough to make this special.” Kids Empowering Kids. Can my troop deliver? Do they see the children in person? Children in family crisis often are embarrassed about their situation, so often prefer not to see those who donate. Delivering to organizations with your troop provides a smile from the receiver to the children, so your troop is acknowledged in person for their kindness. How great a need is this service? 1. Safehouse Denver serves 10,000 women and their children annually. 2. In Denver alone, police report responding to over 6000 domestic violence calls annually with over a 1/3 involving children who witness the violence! 3. Gathering Place (a shelter for women and children) reports serving over 130-300 women and children nightly. 4. Denver County Juvenile Court receives over 6000 a year.

More Information

Seminars and Programs

Skype Book Club: Princess Juniper Book Club – With the Author! Join a virtual book club reading of Princess Juniper of the Hourglass, by Ammi-Joan Paquette. Girls will read the book then gather for book discussion, crafts, follow-up activities and more. Includes a special Skype appearance by the author, with the chance for girls to have Q&A about the book and about author life. For additional information about the author and her books, visit For registration, discounted book purchase information and Skype scheduling, contact

Career Talk or Web/Code Badge Activity: Women Who Code Boulder/Denver is interested in volunteering to work with troops in the Denver metro area either by doing career talks or assisting with Web/Code related badges. Please note that we are not tied down to dates/times. 

Explorations in Arts: Sol-Via Modern Arts offers arts programming and skill building badge workshops for every level such as Making Games, Book Artist, Business Owner, Dancer, Digital Photography, Public Speaker, Entertainment Technology, Musician, Scribe, Jeweler, Painter, and more. They can customize a workshop to fit your troop's needs and areas of focus.  There is a flat fee for each workshop for up to 25 participants. 60 minutes: $100, 90 minutes: $150, 120 minutes: $200. For more information, contact Regina Dunda: or call 720-213-4088

Museums and Learning Centers

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys - Located in a historic home just west of City Park in Denver, the museum features exhibits of artisan dollhouses, historic toys and antique and international dolls.  Whether you are working Try-Its, Badges or Journeys or just looking for a fun outing, our staff can help you plan a great field trip for Girl Scouts of all ages at the Denver Museum of  Miniatures, Dolls and Toys. The museum offers craft workshops, guided tours and seasonal crafts for troops.  We can work with your needs to help your troop meet the requirements of a particular badge or just create special memories in this unique setting.  Field trips typically last 90 minutes and fees for workshops and admission start at $6 per girl.  (Prices vary based on activities scheduled.)

US Mint – Visit the US Mint in Denver for site tours and or contact them to schedule financial education outreach programming. Guided tours are 45 minutes in length. Tours start every 90 minutes beginning at 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday (excluding federal holidays). You are encouraged to make your reservation as early as possible since a limited number of tours are available. Reservations are required for all tours. General tour information: 303-405-4761. 

Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum Opportunities

  • Aviation Exploration: Tour of the museum with introduction to theory and aircraft propulsion. Includes access to cockpits of select aircraft.
  • Flight Adventure: In addition to the Aviation Exploration tour, learn basic functions of aircraft instruments and control systems and apply that learning using a computer flight simulator.
  • Flight Engineer: In addition to the Aviation Exploration tour, learn basic aerodynamics and aircraft control surfaces by constructing and test flying a model aircraft.
  • Project Pilot: A team challenge! Attend an aviation ground school to learn basic flight planning and navigation. Test your skill by flying your planned mission using a computer flight simulator. Includes a museum tour.

Note: These opportunities can be tailored to meet Girl Scout Journey or badge requirements for the specific age level of girls attending (especially for Junior: aMUSE and Cadette: Breathe). For details and to schedule a program, contact the Museum Education Department at 303-360-5360 x116





Terrarium Tours at Denver Botanic Gardens:Terrarium Tours are guided interactive explorations led by a Denver Botanic Gardens’ educator. This program is 45-60 minutes long depending on the size and age of your group. The program includes a 20-30 minute led tour of a section of the Gardens, 20-30 minutes terrarium planting activity and a self-guided scavenger hunt to help continue your group’s exploration after the program. Your program fee includes admission to the Gardens; after the program, enjoy the Gardens with your group on your own. Advanced reservations are required. Price: $100 program fee due when you schedule the program. The program fee includes up to 10 scouts and two adults. Additional scouts are $10. One adult for every five scouts is admitted free of charge. Additional adults and non-participating siblings over the age of two are $7. Your final head count and payment are due 48 hours before the start of your program. To register please visit or call 720-865-3500. For Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scouts. View the flier.





BeHerd - An Equine-Assisted Activities Program: BeHerd is a horse activities program designed to instill self-confidence in young people by incorporating conversation and lessons on the "herds" we participate in, the vision we create around ourselves and the respect we require of others. This program is conducted with my rescue horse on the ground and provides a fun and beneficial activity to enhance awareness of our choices. For more information, visit To schedule your event contact: 720-421-5033 or

Junior Ranger Activity Books and Awards - Explore and celebrate the multiple uses of public lands. The BLM’s Junior Ranger Program allows you to engage in recreation, learning, and stewardship of your public lands. Junior Ranger on-site programs and online activity books and materials will motivate you, your friends, and family to visit BLM sites and join the adventure. Email orders to: For materials ordering questions contact PMDS (303) 236-1975.

The BLM's Junior Ranger Program engages young people in recreation, learning, and stewardship on public lands in order to enhance awareness of the BLM's natural and cultural resource management mission. Junior Ranger programs, activity books, and other materials will motivate young people and their families to visit BLM sites.

For more information on the Junior Ranger program, please contact Derrick Baldwin, Division of Interpretation, Education and Partnerships, at or 970-882-6805.

Four Mile Historic Park - Take a step back in time to where the frontier comes to life!  The Four Mile House was the last stop coming west to Denver along the Cherokee Trail.  Girl Scout groups can customize their Journey or Badge earning experience to include 3 activities in a 2 hour time frame.  Choose from activities like Gold Panning, Butter Making, Prairie School, Pioneer games and many more!  2 week advance registration is required for group activities.  Groups can also visit the park through regular admission.  Call:  720-865-0814, or visit or email


Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships for Older Girls
Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes

Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes - Girl Scouts are doing great things to help other people or the planet, and we want to honor them! This annual youth recognition award celebrates inspiring, public-spirited young people ages 8 to 18 who have made a significant positive difference to people and our environment. Each year, ten to fifteen winners each receive a $5,000 cash award to support their service work or higher education. Nomination deadline is April 15. For more information and to nominate, visit Questions? Contact Barbara Richman at