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The S'mores Club is exclusively for Girl Scouts of Colorado girl members and adult volunteers who rock both the 2020 Fall and 2021 Girl Scout Cookie product programs.

New S'mores Club membership rewards!  
Girls and adult volunteers who qualify for the 2020-2021 S'mores Club, will receive a special personalized patch and custom Converse Shoes!

S'mores Club Details:


If you send 15+ emails and sell 15+ items (combined sales*) during the 2020 Fall Product Program and 400+ packages during the 2021 Cookie Program, you get:

Customized Converse shoes

A personalized S'mores Club avatar patch


If your troop sells $550+ in combined sales* during the 2020 Fall Product Program, you get:

 An exclusive booth selection opportunity for the 2021 Cookie Program

And if you have a 400 packages per selling girl average during the cookie program, you get:

Customized Converse shoes for the TFPM and TCM**

 A personalized S’mores Club avatar patch for the TFPM and TCM**

Questions? Read our S'mores Club FAQ.

*Combined sales – in-person, order card sales, and online sales through M2 platform 

**The Troop Fall Product Manager and Troop Cookie Manager are eligible for volunteer rewards. If the TFPM and TCM are the same person, only one reward will be given.