Junior Budget Maker Badge Workshop with Charles Schwab
Junior Budget Maker Badge Workshop with Charles Schwab
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Date: Sat Nov 05, 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM
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A budget involves keeping track of how to spend and save money to reach a goal. So, why do Girl Scout Juniors need to keep a budget? Maybe they want to purchase something, but it costs more money than they have. Or after their troop has an idea of where to spend money earned from Girl Scout fundraising, they then make a fundraising goal they aim to meet. Creating a budget helps them plan to meet those goals. As part of that plan, Girl Scout Juniors learn smart ways to spend, save, and share money.

At this Charles Schwab workshop, Girl Scout Juniors will:

1. Investigate why they want what they want
2. Practice spend-save-share
3. Learn how to decide what to buy
4. Find out how financial services help people save
5. Build a special save-share plan


Peak Community Center, Maple Room
6612 S. Ward Street
Littleton CO 80127
This is not a drop-off event. All girls must be accompanied by their caregiver or attend with their troop. Adult safety ratios must be followed. Please refer to Volunteer Essentials.
Current membership required.
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