Cadette Budget Manager Badge Workshop with Charles Schwab - Aurora
Cadette Budget Manager Badge Workshop with Charles Schwab - Aurora
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Date: Sat Oct 22, 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM
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At this Charles Schwab workshop, Girl Scout Cadettes will have a chance to imagine their ideal life. Traveling, spending time with family, or able to splurge on things they want? The way people manage their money can help make their goals a reality. How they spend, save, and share money also impacts their well-being and long-term happiness.

Now is a good time for Girl Scout Cadettes to look at their values, explore their money habits, and practice being a good budget manager.

Girl Scout Cadettes will:
1. Find out how their budget reflects their values
2. Learn how to track their spending
3. Find ways to earn money for themselves or their troop
4. Explore how to make money decisions
5. Set a goal for how they’ll give back

This is not a drop-off event. All girls must be accompanied by their caregiver or attend with their troop. Adult safety ratios must be followed. Please refer to Volunteer Essentials.
Event capacity is very limited. Registration will close when capacity is met.
Aurora Central Library
14949 E. Alameda Pkwy
Aurora CO 80012
If you are having trouble completing registration, please contact or 877-404-5708. Contact to request cancellation prior to the registration deadline date.