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Meet an Expert: Agilent Chemists Help Solve Mysteries with Chromatography

Sat Nov 06, 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM
Girl Scout Events, GSCO on the Go
Brownies, Juniors

Do you know what chromatography is? Have you ever considered being a scientist, chemist, or engineer? What kind of job might a scientist, chemist, or engineer have? Join us on Saturday, November 6th and learn how chemists at Agilent help solve mysteries with chromatography. You’ll get to meet two professional chemists and hear about their journeys, what inspired them to pursue chemistry and why they love the jobs they are doing today. These experts work with gas chromatographs, and you will get to see a real gas chromatograph and learn what it does!

Have you ever thought about how many colors are in a single marker you use to draw a picture? Well, you’ll have the chance to figure it out! We’ll work in break out rooms and perform a chromatography experiment. You’ll use chromatography to separate what looks like a single color into its multi-color components, and you’ll have a chance to meet more scientists and engineers from Agilent. We’ll join back together at the end and share our learnings and beautiful chromatography butterflies!

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