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Badge Series: Leader - Coding, Space Science, and Outdoor Art

Mon Jun 14, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Virtual Event, Volunteer Training

In this badge series, you will be given the materials to guide your Girl Scouts through the badges or Journeys that you selected. You will be able to select which program levels and which badges/Journeys you would like materials for.

On June 14 you will have access to the Badge Series course in the Google Classroom. Pease do not participate in the discussions as that should be a Girl Scout-only space for them to connect. But you can fill out the forms or take quizzes as that goes only to staff.

In the Google Classrooms you will find scripts, activities, and online resources to engage your girls in the badges in a virtual setting. We suggest downloading the materials to give you the flexibility of doing the materials this month or later.

This is what will be offered:

  • Daisies - Coding for Good, Space Science Explorer, Outdoor Art Maker
  • Brownies - Coding for Good, Space Science Adventurer, Outdoor Art Creator
  • Juniors - Coding for Good, Space Science Investigator, Outdoor Art Explorer
  • Cadettes - Coding for Good, Space Science Researcher, Outdoor Art Apprentice
  • Seniors - Coding for Good, Space Science Expert, Outdoor Art Expert
  • Ambassadors - Coding for Good, Space Science Master, Outdoor Art Master

If you have any questions about this event: or have trouble completing registration, please contact or 877-404-5708.