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99's Aviation Patch Day - FULL

Sat Apr 14, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM MST
Denver Air Connection Map
Denver Metro

The annual aviation patch day is held by the female pilots of the Colorado 99's. The event will introduce 45 Girl Scouts to 5 different parts of aviation.


Cost is $6.

Station 1 is Aircraft Design: Tour Centennial Airports Ramp to view and explore different airplanes!

Station 2 Paper Airplane Aerodynamics: Make and race various paper airplane designs!

Station 3 ATC (Air Traffic Control): How airplanes are directed around an airport!

Station 4 Weather: How airplanes affected by weather!

Station 5 Aviation History: Take a trip through history to the first pilots and their planes!

Questions/Concerns? Contact Theresa Monroe at

Download the flyer for this event.