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Overnight Camp

What would summer be without camp? We don't want to find out!

Archery. Ziplining. Rock climbing. Dancing. Canoeing. Barnyard animals. Kayaking. Sleeping under the stars. Horseback riding. Cooking. Hiking.

Sounds like a blast right? There are more adventures than you can imagine waiting for you at Girl Scout Camp.

Girl Scouts of Colorado offers individual Overnight Camp sessions at Sky High Ranch and Tomahawk Ranch.


In these traditional overnight camp experiences, girls register by themselves / with a buddy.


Sessions are 3 to 12 days


Campers are placed in units of 6 to 24 girls according to age, program activity and number of girls in attendance.

NOTE: Girls may be paried with a buddy, but troops attending together will be broken up into pairs. Check Troop Camp options for a whole Troop experience.

Sky High Ranch

Located outside of Woodland Park and Colorado Springs, Sky High Ranch offers a gorgeous, outdoor setting with rustic amenities.

  • Living accomodations include tabins with indoor and seasonal shelters, or cabins.
  • Restrooms are latrines, there is one shower house.
  • Girls sleep in bunks with mattresses and do not have access to showers on a daily basis in this beautiful rustic environment. Girls will be able to shower every other day.

Activities may include: archery, team building, hiking, backpacking, zip line for girls grades 4 and up (not guaranteed unless registered for a zip line program), rock climbing (grades 4 and up), arts and crafts, astronomy, sports, nature and science, canoeing, riding at a local stable (not guaranteed unless registered for a horse program) and more.

SHR Camp Director

Kim "Ruddy" Petau

Sky High Ranch Facebook Page

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Tomahawk Ranch


Tucked between the aspens and evergreens, Tomahawk Ranch is near Bailey, one hour southwest of Denver.

  • Girls will sleep in platform canvas tents, seasonal shelters or lodges.
  • All girls sleep on cots or bunkbeds with mattresses and have access to running water and showers except when they are sleeping out or on a backpacking trip. 

Activities may include: homesteading, gardening, archery, small animal farm, arts and crafts, dance parties, dramatics, photography, hiking, backpacking, nature walks, backpacking, cooking outdoors, sports and horseback riding at a local stable.

TR Camp Director

Monica "Obi Joe" Gray

Tomahawk Ranch Facebook page

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