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Women of Distinction - Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak Women of Distinction

Deborah Adams 2003
Jennifer Barber 2001
Gwen Barron 2001
Queen Brown 2003
Judy Cara 2004
Patricia Cone 2006
Lindy Conter 2013
Lynette Crow-Iverson 2013
Cari Davis 2002
Cynthia Doty 2011
Yolanda Fennick 2005
Stephannie Finley 2011
Cindy Fowler 2011 *
Claire Garcia  2012
Paulette Greenberg 2007
Mary Helsaple 2000
Carol Kleiner 2010
Jeanne Koss 2003
Millicent Kraushaar 2005 *
Veronica Lindau 2000
Rosemary Harris Lytle  2012
Sharyn Markus 2011
Jan Martin 2010
Alicia McConnell 2007
C.J. Moore 2005
Laura Muir 2007
Sara Honn Qualls 2011
Wanda Reaves 2004
Margaret Sabin 2013
Dee Vazquez Sabol  2012
Peggy Shivers 2004
Catherine Skiles 2002
Lila Steyart 2002
Willie Straws 2006
Danielle Summerville 2011
Mary Thurman  2012
Ann Turner 2010
Adis Marie Vila 2013
Jan Weiland 2001
Linda Weise  2012
Robin Whitten 2000
Barbara J. Winter 2013
Kathryn Young 2010
Elizabeth Youngquist 2006

Women to Watch
2012 Liz Denson
2012 Amanda Mountain
2013 Ann Cesare
2013 Amber Ptak
2013 Shannon Rogers
Mary Jean Larson Community Service Award Recipients
2001 Jean Noyes
2002 Mary Lou Makepeace
2003 Nancy Lewis
2004 Pam Shockley-Zalabak
2005 Mary Ellen McNally
2006 Kathy Loo
2007 Marcy Morrison
2009 Nechie Hall
1994 75th Anniversary Women of Distinction
Carol Alexander
Diane Anderson
LaRita Archibald
Delia Armstrong-Busby
Judy Barnett
Cindy Bee
Lorry Blois
Beth Bowman
Queen E. Brown
Susie Burghart
Stella Edge Colby
Pula David
Anna-Leah Hathaway
Denice DeHerrera
Margaret E. Greenfield
Sue K. Gubser
Mildred Floyd Guy
Susan Hammond
Robbie J. Hardaway
Jan Isaacs Henry
Jean Herman
Delrae Hokanson
Betty Hollaway
Barbara B. Hook
Barbara L. Hughes
Zelma Jean Inman
Reverend Zelna Joseph
Connie Wong Klein
Mary Barabe Loreto
Lillian M. Mallory
Cleasther Marchman
Gayle Mason
Jo Ann Motzkus
Carolyn Pace
Kay Deen Patterson *
Jo Ann Peak
Ann-Marie Pfiffner
Patricia L. Phillips
Dorothy Powers
Margaret Rebbeck
Cathy O. Robbins
Lynnette Ryden
Anita C. Schimmel
Brenda J. Smith
Gwendolyn F. Stokes
June Therese Thomas
Nancy J. Tollefson
Sister Marilyn Uhing
Diane Lee Walder
Betty Waldron
Marylin Werschky
Patti Limpert White
Lucile Wilson
Debra F. Wynn
Dorothy F. Youngblood
Sue E. Zeug





Women of Distinction - Pikes Peak

Thin Mint Dinner

September 10, 2015

Hilton Antlers, Colorado Springs

Event Chair:  Alicia McConnell, Woman of Distinction 2007
Selection Chair:  Lynne Telford, Pikes Peak WOD 2014


For information about the Thin Mint Dinner, contact 719-304-8322 or

Congratulations 2014 Honorees!

  • Debbie Chandler, Chief Executive Officer, Colorado Springs Health Partners
  • Susan Edmondson, Susan Edmondson, President & CEO, Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs
  • Carla L. Hartsell, community volunteer, City of Colorado Springs, retired executive (recipient of the Sandy Taylor Distinguished Community Service Award)
  • Judith R. Mackey, CEO, Benefit Services Group and HealthYou; Co-owner, Garden of the Gods Club and Resort
  • Diane Price, President and CEO, Early Connections Learning Centers
  • Shirley R. Stewart, Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric Associates, P.C.
  • Lynne Telford, President and CEO, Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado

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