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Girl Scouts of Colorado Honor Roll
Girl Scouts of Colorado Honor Roll

Check back often for a complete listing of the very special women in our lives!

Gayle Bauer & Claire Fuller

  • Thank you to Gayle and Claire who led the charge to take my Girl Scout Troop to La Cabana more than 40 years ago! I follow in their footsteps this summer when I travel with my troop of Seniors to Dublin-London-Paris. (Jody Allen Smith, Troop 1750)

Francy Gorman

  • Thanks, mom, for all you've done to make me who I am!  Happy Mother's Day! Love, Mark

Mary Ann Gregg

  • Thank you for all of your years as my troop leader!  Now your granddaughters are enjoying scouting, too!  Thank you, mom! (Mary Jo Gerster)

Mary Ann Griffin

  • Happy Mother's Day and Birthday to my Troop Leader, my Rock and My Best Friend - I love you! (Carol Griffin)

Merial Myers

  • Merial Myers has been my Scout leader and my friend, mentor and foster mom all my adult life. (Judy Martinez)

Jeannie Pettingill

  • You taught me the importance of leaving our planet better than we found it. (Margo Jamieson)

Laurie Rozendaal

  • Thanks for all the years you've dedicated to us girls.  (Troop 299)

Noreen Virban

  • Thanks for teaching me to be a kind, compassionate and classy woman. (Ambra Virban)

Lynn Wickham

  • Mom, thank you for being an outstanding role model and my Girl Scout leader!  I love you! (Susie Wickham)

Pam Wylie

  • Former Mariner Scout and Girl Scout Leader, my Mother, my inspiration. I love you. (Kelly Weak)

Girl Scouts of Colorado Honor Roll

Honor an important woman in your life with a listing in the Girl Scouts of Colorado Honor Roll

It is a deeply meaningful experience to honor someone special, celebrate a special occasion or remember a loved one or friend by making a gift to Girl Scouts of Colorado. There are a variety of recognition and memorial naming opportunities.

Girl Scouting is about strong girls, strong women and strong families. HoHonor a special woman in your life who has been your mother, your daughter, your mentor, role model or friend and add her to the Girl Scouts of Colorado Honor Roll.

Make a donation of $50 or more to Girl Scouts of Colorado and tell us how this woman has made a difference in your life (up to 15 words) and we'll post your comments along with her name in our online honor roll. Include her contact information and we'll send a card to let her know about the honor.