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Hispanic Initiative

Hispanic Initiative

An overwhelming majority of young Latinas believe that no matter who they are, they can learn to be good leaders. These Latina girls are the kind of leaders the world needs today—to reinvigorate the economy, to bring more ethical leadership to corporate America, to strengthen America’s relationship with the rest of the world, and even to serve on the highest court in the land.

Girl Scouts shares the same values and aspirations.  Our research shows:
• Latinas wish for an organization through which they can share new experiences, learn skills for life, and make a difference in others’ lives;
• Latina mothers expressed that they are steadfast in their desire to help their girls adapt to a new culture while never losing their connection to their roots;
• Latina mothers are open and receptive to a place where their daughters can learn to speak out (in spite of shyness), conquer their fear of failure, feel empowered to effect change in their schools and neighborhoods, and build strong values.

Girl Scouts of Colorado has worked diligently to cultivate Hispanic girl members for the past 20 years through targeted, staff-led, outreach programs. In 2010, we expanded this effort to include:
• Recruitment, training, and support of Hispanic volunteers to lead girl troops and middle school workshop series programs.
• Development of infrastructure to support Hispanic membership, including Spanish translation of volunteer materials, diversity within our marketing campaigns, targeted program materials, and a more inclusive website.
• Increased attendance at community visibility events and strengthening partnerships with Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is a diverse organization.  More than 500 volunteer troop leaders and 15% (over 4,000) of our girl members currently identify as Hispanic, roughly half of the percentage of school-age Hispanic children in Colorado. Over the next three years, our goal is to increase our Hispanic population at a rate of 5% per year, helping us to close the gap between the statewide Hispanic population and our population of Hispanic Girl Scouts.


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