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Adult Learning Opportunities

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Note: When registering for any Girl Scouts of Colorado training , please be sure to add your e-mail address so our confirmation e-mails will go to your attention there. 

Secondly, please check your spam/junk mail files if you have not heard anything from us in regard to training.

Adult Learning Opportunities

Find the training you need for your volunteer position.

Adult learning opportunities are loaded with information that will help you succeed in your volunteer position. And they are fun and convenient.


If you: You need: Course description: Training options:
Are a new volunteer

Girl Scouting 101

(a password is no longer needed)

Required before starting any volunteer position*
Girl Scouting 101 is a 45-minute orientation to Girl Scouting for new volunteers, whether they work directly with girls or behind the scenes. This course covers the Girl Scout Mission, Promise and Law; Girl Scout Safety Standards; what Girl Scouts do; flexible participation options; developmental characteristics of girls; and the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
*If you are new and volunteering with series or events only, you may take “Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events” instead. (See description below)

Download the script for the hearing impaired

  • Self-paced Online
    Password: aboutGS101
  • In-person
  • CDs
    Available in Spanish
Are working with a series or an event

for Girl Scout Series and Events

(a password is no longer needed)

Required before volunteering for a series or event*
Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events is a 20-minute orientation to Girl Scouting for new volunteers and who volunteer with series and events. This course covers the Girl Scout Mission, Promise and Law; Girl Scout Safety Standards; what Girl Scouts do; developmental characteristics of girls and the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
*If you are a new volunteer and working in a capacity other than series and events please take Girl Scouting 101.
(See description above)
  • Self-paced Online
    Password: volunteer
  • In-person
  • CDs
    Available in Spanish
Meet or work with girls on a regular basis in a troop setting

Nuts and Bolts Homestudy Course

In person Course

Required for troop leaders.
This course covers: Girl Scout structure and support, safety and responsibilities, family involvement, creating a girl-led
environment, finances, field trips and resources. It is offered as a ondemand homestudy video course, and also as an inperson course in some areas.
  • Homestudy Course
  • In person
Meet or work with girls on a regular basis

Daisies 101
Brownies 101
Juniors 101
Older Girls 101

Required for troop leaders and co-leaders
This three hour course covers: Unique capabilities of each age; How to lead a girl-led environment and apply the GSLE; Journeys and the Girls Guide to Girl Scouts; Additional awards and program for each age; Traditions and Ceremonies; Planning and Safety Resources to help you
  • In person
Want to take a one-or two-night overnight trip Overnight Trips Required before planning an overnight trip—take this course at least 3-6 months prior to the trip.
Learn to work with your girls to plan and take short trips in this three-hour course. This course covers overnights at the leader’s
house to two-night overnights with no outdoor cooking or fires.
No cost
Want to cook outdoors or take girls camping Cooking and Camping Required before planning an outing that involves cooking outdoors and/or camping overnight—take this course at least 6-9 months prior to the trip.
This eight-hour course prepares adults to partner with girls in planning and preparing for outdoor cooking, fire building (indoor and out) and overnight camping.
Prerequisite: Overnight Trips;
Materials Fee: $10
  • In person
Want to take girls on a trip of three (3) nights or more Extended Trip Required before planning a trip of 3 nights or more (domestic or international)—Take at least 12 to 24 months prior to the trip.
This three-hour training is for adult trip advisors and Junior Girl Scouts and above (limit two girls per troop/group) who are going to plan and attend the trip. Topics include safety, deciding destinations, transportation, budgeting and money earning.
Prerequisite: Overnight Trips;
No Cost
  • In person

Meet or work with girls on a regular basis


It’s Your Journey—Customize It!

Recommended for volunteers working with girls at every grade level
Gain tips on using the journey books and adult guide as a basis for the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in this two-hour course.
Learn to expand the experience through use of the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, field trips and other activities. Transform service projects into Take Action.


  • In person
  • Webinar
Want to learn about Take Action projects Take Action and Community Service: Getting your Girls Involved
Emphasizes Take Action and the differences between community service and take action.  Emphasizing hands on experience with Take Action tools.
  • In person
  • Webinar
Want to learn
about the
Gold Award
Gold Award
Required for girls applying to work on a Gold Award project.
This two-hour course is designed for girls who are within 6 months of submitting a project proposal.
  • In person
  • Webinar
Want to learn more Enrichment Trainings Recommended for anyone who wants to learn more.
Classes offered on a variety of topics to enhance your volunteer experience throughout the year. Examples include: songs, games,
ceremonies, Power Up (bullying prevention), clique-proofing your troop and SWAPs.
  • In person
Want to learn more in a special 1-day or weekend event Training Events Recommended for all Girl Scout volunteers—new and experienced!  These include Springaganzas in the spring and Fallapaloozas in August and September, as well as Minipalooza and Round up training events. 
  • In person
Want to
share your
knowledge with other adults and help them
to be great
Train the
Required for any adult wishing to be a trainer for Girl Scouts of Colorado.
This 8.5-hour course will prepare you to become an adult trainer for Girl Scouts of Colorado. In addition to a completed volunteer application and background check, you will need to have two training references and an interview.
  • In person


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