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Thanks Badge

Thanks Badge


The Thanks Badge honors an individual whose ongoing commitment, leadership, and service have had an exceptional, measurable impact on meeting the mission delivery goals and priorities of the entire council or the entire Girl Scout Movement.


The nominee is an active, registered adult Girl Scout.

The outstanding service performed by the nominee resulted in outcomes that benefitted the total council or the entire Girl Scout organization, and is so significantly above and beyond the call of duty that no other award would be appropriate.


A nomination form is completed and submitted to the council’s recognition committee, along with supporting documentation indicating how the nominee meets the criteria. This award requires 4 letters of endorsement in addition to the nomination. The recognition committee reviews the nomination documentation, then approves or denies it. The recognition committee sends notification of the decision to the council’s board of directors for confirmation. 

Nominateor endorse an individual for the Thanks Badge

Example of nominee

A volunteer saw an opportunity to use Journeys to increase membership in one of the council’s target markets through the camp pathway. She helped the council partner with local companies and groups to provide in-kind, financial, and volunteer support to build a Take-Action Tree House at each camp. She led a task group of girls to design and develop progressive programming, based on girl-led processes and Journey content, which culminated in take-action projects. The three-year project brought in 300 new Girl Scouts, a 5 percent overall increase in camp registrations the following year, 90 new volunteers, and new partnerships with 11 local organizations.