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Thank you for applying to become a volunteer with Girl Scouts of Colorado. Girl Scouts of Colorado provides equal opportunity to qualified adults. Please complete this application attaching additional pages as needed and return completed application to the address above.

Volunteer Application

This application is not a membership or training registration form or application for employment.
Street Address
Postal Code
Primary Phone
Secondary Phone
Email Address
I am
Are you

Troop volunteers. If known, please answer.

School and / or Troop #
Leader, Coleader, Product Sales, Day Camp ,Parent Helper etc.
Position applying for (Leader/Coleader, Product Sales, Day Camp, Parent Helper etc.)
With which grade level(s) (if relevant to position) do you prefer to volunteer?

How would you like to participate in Girl Scouting?

Volunteering with girls
If Choosing "other", please elaborate:
Indirect Service
If choosing "other", or volunteering for a specific event or program please elaborate:
List any specialized skills/work or volunteer experience/talents/interests
Which languages other than English do you speak proficiently?
Length of time available to volunteer?


For the protection of the girls, Girl Scouts of Colorado requires the following information from all volunteers. All information provided will be kept confidential and you are entitled to a copy of your background screening. Failure to provide the information below or discrepancies between the information below and the results of the criminal background history obtained from the reporting agency may result in non-appointment.
Are there any pending civil or criminal charges against you?
Do not include minor traffic violations or any convictions as a youthful offender.
Have you ever been charged and/or convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, including, but not limited to charges related to theft, embezzlement, domestic violence or other violence against persons, property crimes, driving while impaired, or driving under th
Have you ever been charged and/or convicted of child neglect or abuse?
Is there a registered sex offender living anywhere on your premises?
Have you ever had your driver's license suspended and/or revoked?
Explain any "yes" responses and if applicable, please indicate offense, date, and location (including town/state).
I will complete and submit (with the $12 background check fee or financial assistance request) the Background Check.


Please list three (3) non-relatives who do not live at your address, can speak to your qualifications to be a Girl Scout volunteer and have agreed to serve as a reference. If you have experience volunteering or working with children, include references from those organizations.
Ref. 1: Name
Email or Phone number to contact
Ref. 2: Name
Email or Phone number to contact
Ref. 3: Name
Email or Phone number to contact

New Volunteer Interview

Upon completion of this application, Girl Scouts of Colorado will contact your for a New Volunteer Interview. Please indicate your best availabiliy here.
Additional tips to help us contact you.


I authorize Girl Scouts of Colorado to contact my references and verify information for placement in a volunteer position. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts requested is cause for non-appointment as a volunteer. I further understand that this Volunteer Application does not constitute a contract and that Girl Scouts of Colorado retains absolute discretion in selecting and retaining its volunteers. I understand that Girl Scouts of Colorado volunteer appointment is conditional upon:
1. Adult membership in Girl Scouts of the USA ($15)
2. A completed background check ($12)
3. Completion of required training
4. That I am at least 18 years of age
5. No outstanding debt with any Girl Scout troop or Girl Scout Council
Girl Scouts of Colorado Council does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, creed, religion, sex, disability, national origin, citizenship, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or any other status besides the foregoing that is protected by federal, state or local law (Girl Scouts of Colorado Equal Employment/Affirmative Action Policy (approved 7/2008)).
Where did you receive information about volunteering for Girl Scouts (please mark all that apply?)

Next Steps

Upon submission, a confirmation page will pop up with links to these next steps.

Background Check ($12)
Can be completed online, we ask that new volunteers complete this as soon as possible before their new volunteer interview. Financial assistance is available.

Membership Registration ($15)
Completed online, this is an annual fee payable to GSUSA. We ask that new volunteers complete this step prior to the new volunteer interview

New Volunteer Interview
Upon completion of the these steps, you will be contacted by an authorized Girl Scouts of Colorado Representative for a 30 minute interview to determine the best volunteer fit for you. Please make sure the contact information above is as accurate as possible to ensure speedy processing.