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Plan a troop trip

Plan a troop trip

All Girl Scout trips should:

Travel Progression

Help the girls build on basic trip experiences and learn new skills over time.  Start with local field trips, then a day trip to nearby city.  Consider a family overnight at a Girl Scouts of Colorado property for your first overnight trip.  Trip Advisors, it's your responsibility to make sure all the girls are ready for the trip they are planning!

Trip Types

Trip Type
Recommended For
 Field Trip  An activity outside the normal meeting place/time Daisies & older
 Overnight Trip  A trip involving 1-2 overnights Daisies & older
 Extended Trip  A trip of 3 nights or more within the US Juniors & older
 Extended Trip - International  An international trip Cadettes & older

Training is required before planning a trip!
When do you need to take the training?
 Overnight Trips  3+ months prior to your first trip that involves an overnight stay free 3 hours
 Cooking & Camping  6+ months prior your first activity that involves cooking or sleeping outdoors $10 8 hours
 Extended Trips  12+ months prior to your first trip of three nights or longer free 3 hours


Trip Notification

Trip Advisors: As long as you have taken the required travel training(s), you are approved to coordinate troop trips!  Written approval is no longer required, just let us know about your trip in case of emergency situations by submitting the Trip Notification for every activity that involves one or more overnights (except when you're reserving a Girl Scouts of Colorado property or participating in a staff-led overnight event, because we'll already have your information!).

Travel Volunteers

Every adult who participates in a troop/group activity that involves an overnight stay needs to complete the volunteer application process before the trip.  This includes parents and any adults, even if they aren't needed to meet the adult-to-girl ratio.

Travel Forms

All the travel forms are in the Forms Library.

Trip Insurance

The basic insurance plan that all registered members have only cover activities up to 2 nights in length.  It is recommended that you purchase insurance for trips of 3 nights or longer so everyone is still covered.  Learn more about trip insurance.

Safety Activity Checkpoints

Read and follow the Safety Activity Checkpoints for each of the activities you plan to do on the trip.
Make sure all adults going on the trip have one of these Emergency Plan Wallet Cards.

First Aid & CPR

For all troop travel, at least one adult volunteer needs to be first-aid and CPR certified.  Training is offered by organizations such as: American Red Cross, National Safety Council, EMP America, and American Heart Association.

High-Risk Activities

Written approval is needed for girls (12 and older only) to participation in any of the following high-risk activities:
  • operate motorized vehicles, such as go-carts and personal watercraft
  • use firearms (hunting is never allowed)
  • simulated skydiving and zero-gravity rooms
  • take trips on waterways that are highly changeable or uncontrollable
  • fly in noncommercial aircraft, such as small private planes, helicopters, sailplanes, untethered hot-air balloons, and blimps
Girls are NEVER allowed to participate in these activities:
  • Potentially uncontrolled freefalling such as: bungee jumping, hang gliding, parachuting, parasailing, and trampolining
  • Creating extreme variations of approved activities such as: high-altitude climbing and aerial tricks on bicycles, skis, snowboards, skateboards, water-skis, and wakeboards
  • Hunting or shooting a projectile at another person
  • Riding all-terrain vehicles and motor bikes
  • Taking watercraft trips in Class V or higher

Global Travel Toolkit

This toolkit consists of four new, exciting resources that prepare girls and adults for responsible international travel.

  • Exploration: The Girl Scout Guide to Global Travel - Takes girls through the steps of planning their international trip.
  • The Adult Guide to Girl Scout Global Travel - Serves as a companion to The Girl Scout Guide to Global Travel
  • The Girl Scout Travel Log - A journal for girls to record their travel experiences – before, during, and after your trip
  • The Appendix - Travel Resources, Handouts and Forms

Looking for Travel Ideas?