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Troop Leader

Troop Leader

Pathway:  Long-Term Direct Service

Time Commitment: 1 year

This volunteer position has a one year term with the possibility of reappointment at the consent of both the volunteer and GSCO.

Reports to:

Service Unit Manager and Program Support Specialist


A troop leader works directly with girls helping them to develop their leadership skills on an individual or group basis.  The troop leader works with the girls as they discover themselves, connect with others, and take action to make the world a better place through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE). She/he ensures the troop leadership is consistent with the Girl Scout Mission, Promise and Law, as well as the policies and goals of Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO) and Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA).


The individual who fills this volunteer position will gain as sense of accomplishment, develop transferable skills and connect with the community.


The troop leader receives support, guidance and encouragement from Service Unit Team members, other volunteers and council staff.  Troop leaders will have access to relevant learning opportunities that enhance her/his knowledge and confidence to work successfully with girls and enrich her/his Girl Scout volunteer experience.


  • Remain informed about and comply with the most current policies, procedures, and guidelines of GSCO and GSUSA.
  • Conduct all troop activities according to GSCO and GSUSA standards as defined in Volunteer Essentials and Safety Activity Checkpoints.
  • Ensure troop stays informed through representation at Service Unit meetings or through other means.
  • Work in partnership with girls and adults to provide fun, interactive, girl-led activities which address current issues involving girls’ interests and needs, ensuring that the program aligns with the GSLE. This will be accomplished by utilizing journey books and The Girls’ Guide to Girl Scouting enhanced with additional experiences and activities.
  • With the leadership team, plan how responsibilities for troop management, including meetings, finances and long-range plans, will be shared. Maintain effective communication with all members of leadership team.
  • Facilitate troop business (registration, troop meetings, parent meetings, product sales, troop events, troop camping, etc.). Keep accurate girl records, financial records, and inventory of troop equipment. File required reports by designated deadlines. Support and encourage girls in attaining desired goals and awards.
  • Be guided in all actions by the Girl Scout Mission, Promise, and Law. Serve as a positive example for girls by modeling positive attributes such as reliability, respect for others, inclusiveness, and a positive attitude.
  • Complete required training for position within two months of appointment and participate in ongoing adult learning opportunities to build and update skills.
  • Communicate with parents on regular and ongoing basis through a variety of tools such as e-mail, phone calls, newsletters, or blogs.  Communication should include but not be limited to troop finances, program events, troop activities, and family giving campaign.
  • Ensure completion of all registration, reports, and forms, ensuring that GSUSA’s and GSCO’s policies and procedures are followed.
  • Manage group funds, ensuring that the handling of the funds meets GSUSA’s and GSCO’s policies, procedures, and reporting guidelines set forth in Volunteer Essentials and the Program Planning Guide.
  • Support Council Product sales. Recruit Troop Cookie Manager and ensure that candidate completes volunteer application process including background screening.
  • Recruit members for the Troop Committee. Keep the Troop Committee members and parents/guardians informed about troop plans, and work with them to help the troop and girls. Pass on records, equipment and information to the new Leader/Advisor or the Girl Scout Service Center if leaving the troop.

Qualifications and Core Competencies – Required:

  • Accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law and register as a member of GSUSA.
  • Be an approved adult volunteer with volunteer application, cleared background check, and two references on file with GSCO.
  • Present a positive image of Girl Scouting to girls, volunteers and community members through effective communication, high personal standards of conduct and knowledge of the Girl Scout program and organization.
  • Willingness to learn about and work with girls and adults with diverse backgrounds and abilities.
  • Ability to work and communicate well with people and proactively seek resolution of conflict.
  • Use discretion in all confidential matters including girl information.

Additional Competencies or Skills– Preferred:

  • Flexibility: work in different environments (indoor/outdoor) and terrains
  • Make a personal financial contribution to GSCO.  (The amount and form of gift is up to the individual.)
  • Access to e-mail and the Internet.

Volunteer position agreement

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