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Travel Forms

Travel Forms

Let us know about your trip!

Trip Advisors: As long as you have taken the required travel trainings, you are approved to coordinate troop trips following the travel guidelinesWritten approval is no longer required, just let us know about your trip in case of emergency situations by submitting the Trip Notification for every activity that involves one or more overnights (except when you're reserving a Girl Scouts of Colorado property or participating in a staff-led overnight event, because we'll already have your information!).

Collect Parent Permission

Collect this form for each girl participating.

Trip Finances

Travel is a great way to redeem your cookie credits!
Troop/Group Leaders are approved to coordinate group money earning activities using the group money earning guidelinesWritten approval is no longer required.  If this is your first time planning a money earning activity, use the Group Money Earning Checklist.

Health & Medical Forms

This form is to be completed or updated at the beginning of the membership year for each girl; keep these records with you for all Girl Scout activities, including trips.  Note: You should also bring copies of each girls' insurance cards with you in case of emergency.
Collect this form for any adult who participates in a trip.
Recommended for all trips of 3 nights or more.  Required for international trips.
Recommended for all trips of 3 nights or more.  Required for international trips.
Collect this form for each girl and keep with you during all trips.
The First Aider should have a copy of this form on the trip to track any first aid activity.
Bring a couple blank copies of this form with you on trips!

International Travel

This form is required for international travel and needs to be notarized.
Submit this form to GSUSA 3-6 months prior to any international trip!