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Saying Thank You

Saying Thank You

Volunteers are the strength of the Girl Scout Movement!

Saying Thank You shows a person your appreciation for the work that they do. This can be a simple thank you or a formal commendation for years of faithful service.

Volunteer pins for each grade level are available the online shop. These pins are great resources to welcome and thank volunteers for roles working directly with girls or supporting a grade level behind the scenes. These position pins are not earned, but given in recognition of service supporting Girl Scouts in a variety of ways.

A Lifetime Membership is available for purchase year round and is a wonderful way of honoring a hardworking volunteer's lifelong commitment to Girl Scouting.

Gift Certificates to the Girl Scouts of Colorado shop, located at the Denver Service Center, will enable your favoriate volunteer to purchase something special just for themselves!

Give a Girl Scouts of Colorado Thank You certificate as a way to recognize that special volunteer or community member who went above and beyond for the troop this year.

Thank You certificate- print PDF version

Thank You certificate - electronic PDF version

Thank You certificate - Word

Print this simple Thank you card to personally thank thosed that support your troop.

Send an ecard

Send virtual flowers

Check out these awesome ideas for cute thank yous!

Ideas to spark a creative gift