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Service Unit Recognitions Coordinator

Service Unit Recognitions Coordinator

Time Commitment: 1 year

This volunteer position has a one year term with the possibility of reappointment at the consent of both the volunteer and GSCO. 

Reports to: Volunteer Management Specialist

The Recognitions Coordinator is responsible for promoting and facilitating nominations for Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) recognitions. Promote a year round culture of appreciation within the Service Unit through informal methods of acknowledgment of volunteer accomplishments.  Ensure presentation of awards in a manner meaningful to the individual receiving the award.

The individual who fills this volunteer position will gain as sense of accomplishment, develop transferable skills and connect with the community.

The Recognitions Coordinator receives support, guidance, and encouragement from the Service Unit Team and Program Department staff.   She or he has access to relevant learning opportunities and materials that prepare for and support this role.


  • Remain informed about and comply with the most current policies, procedures, and guidelines of Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO) and Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA).  Including but not limited to those found in Volunteer Essentials and GSCO Recognitions Booklet.
  • Complete training for the position.
  • Be knowledgeable about available GSUSA Recognitions and educate volunteer peers on their existence, criteria, nomination process.
  • Ensure recognition is a mixture of formal and informal methods that acknowledge volunteer accomplishments regardless of role and length of service.
  • Identify candidates for recognition and enlist others (adults or girls) to nominate and endorse.  
  • Identify council recognitions committee member candidates and make recommendations to Volunteer Management Specialist.  These candidates may be from existing GSCO volunteer pool or community at large.
  • Ensure the distribution of GSCO volunteer tokens of appreciation.
  • Develop system of year round appreciation such as Service Unit sponsored thank you and birthday cards, appreciation dinners, gift certificates, etc.

Qualifications and Core Competencies – Required:

  • Accept the Girl Scout Promise and Law and register as a member of GSUSA.
  • Be an approved adult volunteer with a volunteer application, cleared background check, and two references on file with GSCO.
  • Present a positive image of Girl Scouting to girls, volunteers and community members through effective communication, high personal standards of conduct and knowledge of the Girl Scout program and organization.  Promote the benefits of Girl Scouting and the importance of making a personal financial contribution and volunteering time to GSCO.
  • Willingness to learn about and work with adults and girls with diverse backgrounds/abilities.
  • Basic knowledge of GSUSA Recognitions including criteria and nomination process (or willing to learn).
  • Knowledge of (or a willingness to learn about) the community and ability to foster and cultivate community contacts.
  • Ability to work and communicate well with people and proactively seek resolution of conflict.
  • Use discretion in all confidential matters.
  • Access to email and the Internet.

Additional Competencies, Skills, or Requirements – Preferred:

  • Experience as a Girl Scout volunteer.
  • Make a personal financial contribution to Girl Scouts of Colorado. (The amount or form of gift is up to the individual.)
  • Proficient in the use of social media.

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