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Pawnee Lodge

Please follow the steps listed below to ensure that you see the correct prices for troop use. If you see Tier 3 pricing, please MAKE THE RESERVATION TO RESERVE YOUR DATES AND THEN CONTACT


Terms and Conditions

RESERVATIONS: Reservations must be made, and a full payment received no later than 30 days prior to the guest’s arrival date. If a final payment is not received by this time, the reservation will be cancelled.
Groups will not be allowed to reserve more than one Property for the same dates.
Please note that Girl Scouts of Colorado may update their fees without notice. Once a Property has been secured with a deposit, the price will not be subject to any fee updates.

LATE FEE: Any changes to Lodging, Food Service, or Activities that take place within 30 days of a guest’s arrival date will be subject to a $25 late fee. This includes both additions and deletions.

REFUNDS AND TRANSFERS: If a reservation is cancelled before 30 days prior to a guest’s arrival date, they will forfeit their deposit, but will be refunded all other fees. Deposits may be transferred to a new reservation, if the guest requests the transfer before 30 days prior to their arrival date.
After 30 days prior to a guest’s arrival date, full refunds will only be granted if the reservation was cancelled by Girl Scouts of Colorado, or in the event of adverse weather conditions that prohibit safe travel. If a guest must cancel their trip due to weather conditions, they must contact the Site Manager of the Property or a Girl Scouts of Colorado Council Office no later than the day before their planned arrival. The contact information for each Property can be found in the Site User Manual.

Read all the Terms and Conditions.

Pawnee Lodge


A newly renovated lodge located on the west end of Sterling’s Pioneer Park, Pawnee Lodge is a charming 900-square-foot facility that’s great for meetings, overnights and other events. Features a loft for craft activities and a fully-equipped kitchen. The grounds offer a level playing field and a short visit to the historic museum in Sterling. Food service and activities are not available, prepare to cook your own meals and organize your own activities.





Adventures at Pawnee Lodge:

  • Camp crafts,
  • Games (level play area)


Adventures around Pawnee Lodge:

  • Overland Trail Museum
  • Hiking



Maximum capacity is 20 for day and overnight use. Fully equipped kitchen, indoor plumbing, no showers, folding tables and chairs, including a loft for craft activities.

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