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Outdoor Programs

Outdoor Programs

Outdoor Programs are abundant in our beautiful state! They can be led by troop leaders, GSCO volunteers, Girl Scouts, and can also be led in conjunction with other outdoor professionals.

For more information about leading outdoor programs for Girl Scouts, please contact Anna Danila, Outdoor Volunteer Programs Manager or consult the Outdoor Volunteer Programs Director resource page.

Outdoor Programs include:

  • Resident/Overnight Camp: these are multi-night programs for girls that are staff-led, similar to the traditional summer camp experience.
  • Troop Camp: these are troop-led camp-outs that may occur on or off Girl Scout property, they can be partially staffed by GSCO (Core Troop Camp) or staffed completely by volunteers (Troop Camp)
  • Rendezvous Camp: Troop Camp led by an older group of girls for younger troops; planned with a camp director at a GSCO Resident Camp
  • Family Camp: family camps are staff or volunteer-led, and can encompass more members of the family, such as siblings and parents who may not normally participate in troop activities
  • Volunteer Led Day Camps: day camps of various formats that are led by dedicated volunteers throughout the state
  • Outdoor Events: programs that take place in the outdoors for a large number of girls, Reach for the Peak is an example of an Outdoor Event