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Enjoy GSCO properties beyond Summer Camp

Girl Scouts of Colorado is owns properties in some of the most beautiful areas of our state. One of the benefits of being a member of Girl Scouts of Colorado is that our properties are available for day and overnight use by your troop, family and other Girl Scout-related groups.

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Find a Camp

Girl Scouts of Colorado Summer Camp 2015

This summer girls can enjoy day camp run by our awesome volunteers, overnight camp at our beautiful Sky High Ranch and Tomahawk Ranch, troop camp with their BFFs in the troop or even camping with their families. We're excited about our new homesteading program at Tomahawk Ranch and we've added a small animal farm and more adrenaline-inducing adventures at Sky High Ranch. Let your summer adventure begin!

Day Camp

Day Camps are planned and organized by volunteers around the state. Girls spend the day enjoying a variety of activities and the evenings at home with their families.

Individual Girl Overnight Camp

Girl Scouts of Colorado offers traditional overnight camping sessions at Sky High Ranch and Tomahawk Ranch. View the 2015 sessions.

Troop Camp

Volunteer and Staff-led Troop Camp opportunities are available for Girl Scout troops to enjoy time together. They may be on Girl Scouts of Colorado Properties/Camps, or at any other outdoor location in our beautiful state.

Family Camp

Take your family to camp and enjoy yourselves while volunteers or staff provide activities. Meals may be provided, or communally created! Start building your family memories in the outdoors today.

Rendezvous Camps

Rendezvous Camps are the ultimate in Girl-Led camping! They are offered at GSCO Overnight Camps (Tomahawk Ranch and Sky High Ranch). At a Rendezvous, an older troop  coordinates with the Camp Director regarding activities, budget, schedules, food and more. This is an amazing leadership opportunity for older troops.