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Outdoor Property Evaluation

Outdoor Property Evaluation

Resident Camp Survey

Posted on April 24, 2014

Opinions wanted regarding summer camp offerings. We want to hear from girls and parents of Girl Scouts who are of camp age (Brownie - Ambassador). Participate in the survey now. (takes about 15 to 20 min) Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! Your girl will receive a patch for participation! Already participated? Sign up here to receive your patch.


Outdoor Property Review 2014

Final Outdoor Property Recommendations with Board Review 9/12/14

Girl Scout Camp Research Results 9/12/14

Initial Outdoor Property Recommendations 6/2/14

GSCO Property Evaluations 2013-2014 6/2/14

Town Hall Updates

Task Force Schedules Town Hall Meeting for Southern Colorado 3/3/14.

Task Force Schedules Town Hall Meetings - Northern Colorado and Denver 3/6/14

Southern Colorado Town Halls Rescheduled 3/25/14

Date Change - Pueblo Outdoor Property Town Hall 4/1/14

Task Force Slide Show 5/1/14 (this is the content shown at Town Hall Meetings, updated after Denver, Colorado Springs and Northern Colorado meetings)


Important Documents

Outdoor Property Evaluation Task Force Charter

Outdoor Property Evaluation Plan

Key Consultant Position Description

Task Force Committee Contributors as of 5/12/14


Meeting Minutes

Meeting 7/19/13

Meetings 9/16/13 & 9/30/13


Kiwa Korral Flood Damage Updates

Flood Damage Affects Kiwa Korral 10/11/13 

Kiwa Korral Update 10/15/13 (includes slide show of photos)

Assessment and action at Kiwa Korral will be slow 10/18/13