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New Leader Check List

New Leader Check List

Get Started Volunteering

Get started here. You will provide us with details about your interest in volunteering, and be asked to submit to a background check and become a member of Girl Scouts. Please note that the background check and membership registration are required for leaders, and any adult that will spend 3+ sessions with girls, handle troop money or go on an overnight trip.

Recruit Girls and Adults

Start with a co-leader, and then you can tackle the steps below together! All troops are required to have at least two, unrelated co-leaders. Need a flyer template to promote your Family Involvement Meeting? A volunteer School Coordinator or Program Team member can help you! Contact your regional program team for assistance. There are safety ratios of girls-to-adults that you must adhere to, keep them in mind when building your troop leadership team.

Complete Leadership Training

New leaders are required to take the following courses within 3 months of getting started.

Girl Scouting 101 : which you can take anytime online.  The access password is aboutGS101

Nuts & Bolts:  Available as a homestudy video course, and with limited availability as an in person course. Plan to take this training before your Family Involvement Meeting and first troop meeting!

Program Level 101 : There's one class for each age level! This fun new class is your comprehensive guide to Girl Scout program, traditions and resources. Take it when you begin, and every time your girls bridge up to a new level.

Consider attending a Fallapalooza event, as a new or returning leader. These events are a one stop shop for leader training and enrichment, check out this year's classes!

Research Locations for your Girl Scout Meeting

Start drafting a plan of when, where and how often the Girl Scout troop will meet. Carefully consider the needs of all girls involved, including school schedules, family needs, financial constraints, religious holidays, allergies, special needs and the accessibility of appropriate transportation and meeting places.

The following are examples of acceptable meeting locations: Schools, libraries, community buildings, houses of worship, childcare facilities. **We strongly recommend that Girl Scout troops do not meet in personal homes**

Connect with a Service Unit In Your Area

A “Service Unit” is group of volunteers and leaders in a certain geographic area.  Most service units meet regularly throughout the year.  After you complete your membership registration and background check, you will be contacted by a Volunteer Support Specialist with important information about your local Service Unit meeting schedule.  It’s a great opportunity to meet other leaders who can help mentor you as you get started!

Troop Number

Once you and a coleader have become approved volunteers, you will be contacted by a Volunteer Support Specialist in your Region with important information regarding your troop number.

Get to Know the Resources Available to You

Check out key resources and publications here, including Volunteer Essentials and Safety Activity Checkpoints. Check out this Quickstart Guide published by GSUSA. All GSCO forms can be found here.

Journeys and the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

Learn more about the National Program Portfolio of Journeys and the Girls Guide to Girl Scouting. There are three Journeys at each program level, and one Girls Guide that includes a handbook and badge section.

Bank Account

When you have successfully built your leadership team and have been assigned a troop number, head here to request a Bank Account Authorization Letter. A troop bank account is required for participation in GSCO product sales.  It is ideal to have the back account up and running prior to the Family Involvement Meeting so you are ready to deposit Troop Dues payments immediately.

Schedule a Family Involvement Meeting

This meeting is where you share your vision for troop logistics and your passion for the Girl Scout program with families. This is your opportunity to solicit family help to keep the troop running strong. You will receive tips and tricks for a successful Family Involvement Meeting at leader training. There are a couple forms you’ll want to collect when new girls join your troop, including the Annual Parent Permission form and the Girl Health History form.  All forms are available in the Forms Library.

Girl and Adult Membership Registration

Every girl and approved adult volunteer is required to register as a member of Girl Scouts. This is a $15 fee due every year on or before October 1 and ideally is completed online by the girl's family. Families can get started online here. They will be asked to set up a unique family login with a password. Families can manage all their girl and adult memberships and event registrations using their family login

Girl Scout Shopping

Purchase the uniform, insignia, books and awards you need at our online shop.

Visit the Denver Shop to check out sizes and make purchases.

Catch us at a Mobile Shop, scheduled throughout the year at large adult training and girl events.

Stay Informed

There are a lot of ways to stay informed throughout the year. Attending Service Unit meetings is your #1 most important way to keep connected and supported as a Girl Scout volunteer. Here are a few ways GSCO shares information.

Regional e-news is a monthly newsletter that assembles all of the Council events, training classes and Blog posts relevant to your area and delivers it right to your inbox.

GSCO Blog - Any troop can post using our Share your Story tool. This is fantastic resource for ideas, inspiration and the newest and best Council news.

Social Media helps our volunteers and the outside world connect with Girl Scouts of Colorado news. LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.