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Money Earning
goal setting
decision making
money management
people skills
business ethics

Share Your Story!

Does your group have a successful money earning story to share with others?  Tell us about it!  We'll post your story on the Girl Scouts of Colorado blog.

Money Earning

Money earning is an essential element of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Adult volunteers coach the girls as they earn and manage money to pursue their goals.  Girl Scout troops/groups earn money in two ways:

Group Money Earning

Groups are encouraged to participate in Council-sponsored product sales as their primary money earning activity.  Group money earning helps girls earn even more for their BIG goals!  

Troop/Group Leaders are approved to coordinate group money earning activities using the Do's & Don'ts guidelines below.  Written approval is no longer required.  If this is your first time planning a money earning activity, use the Group Money Earning Checklist.

Money Earning Do's & Dont's


  • make participation voluntary for each girl
  • have the girls plan the activity, with adult support
  • get written permission from each parent/guardian
  • make sure activities are grade-appropriate
  • review Safety Activity Checkpoints for each activity
  • observe local ordinances related to money-earning/health/safety
  • spend money earned based on the consensus of the group


  • schedule an activity during a Council Product Sale
  • involve any kind of raffle or game of chance
  • make any direct solicitations for cash
  • resell a commercial product
  • do any sales on the Internet
  • earn/raise money on behalf of another organization
    (Groups may choose to donate a portion of what they earn!)
Money Earning Activity Ideas

Plan a Girl Scout program!
Use the [Event Planning Guide]

Cell phones for refurbishment
Used ink cartridges
Christmas tree recycling

Food/Meal Events
Lunch box auction
Themed meals

Cooking class
Yard work
Shoveling snow
Walking pets

Adult Money Earning

What if there's a adult who wants to have a product party (Pampered Chef, Thirty One, etc.) and donate a portion of the proceeds to the troop?  That's ok!  The girls may not actively participate in activities that earn money for the troop by selling commercial products.  However, their parents/guardians may choose to participate and then donate the proceeds to the Girl Scout troop.