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Managing Group Finances

Managing Group Finances

Troop/Group Leaders establish a bank account and help the girls manage their group’s finances.  Coaching the girls as they earn and manage money to pursue their goals is an essential element of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience!

Troops/groups are funded by a share of money earned through:

Consider designating a Troop Treasurer who is responsible for managing the group’s finances!

Guidelines & Recommendations

  • Group bank accounts need a minimum of two, unrelated signers who are approved Girl Scout volunteers.  
  • Groups maintain their funds at federally insured financial institutions. 
    Look for a bank that is willing to waive any fees if possible!
  • Debit cards are allowed and encouraged, but no borrowing is allowed - including credit cards and overdraft protection.
  • Troop/group funds are to be spent based on the consensus and decision of the group.
  • Involve the girls in managing group finances!
  • Keep record of income and expenses with corresponding receipts.  Records must be open to girls and parents. 
  • Always deposit money promptly to avoid loss or theft.
  • Never mix personal and troop purchases on the same receipt, and do not “borrow” troop/group money for any reason.
  • Individual girls do not have accounts.  However, individual record keeping for special travel or awards projects is permissible if all decisions on money are made by the girls and communicated to families.  Girls, parents and volunteers, must understand that, if anyone leaves the troop/group or plans change, the funds do not belong to the individual.
  • An Annual Troop Report is due each year by June 15 with a copy of the most recent statement.
  • The account signers are responsible for closing the account when the troops disbands.
  • When girls transfer to another troop/group there is no requirement that any of the funds transfer to the other group.  However, it is encouraged that the girls in the original group ‐ both staying and transferring ‐ choose to allocate funds to the new group, which can be sent as a check directly from one troop to the other.

Is your group changing or disbanding?  Review the financial procedures when groups merge, split, or disband.