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Live Healthy Lead Healthy

Use this form to register and record your progress as you take the Live Healthy, Lead Healthy Challenge
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Please give either the troop leader or parent first and last name.
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If you are juliette please write juliette in the troop box.
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What Challange Party location would you like to attend?
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Live Healthy Lead Healthy Challange

Tell us about how you did this year with the Live Healthy Lead Healthy Challange.
Which journey did you complete.
Which healthy living badge did you complete? My Best Self or Staying Fit?
What was your favorite part about the journey or the badge that you did?
Tell us about your experience with ZisBoomBah. What quests did you do, what were your favorites, and how did the site help you live ahealthier lifestyle?
What did you do for your Take Action Project we want to hear all about it?
Take Action Project
Please upload a photo of your girl or troop for the challange party.
Upload a photo