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Live Healthy, Lead Healthy




Live Healthy, Lead Healthy


The Journey: What it’s all about

Girl Scouts of Colorado and, an interactive, healthy gaming site, have teamed up to offer girls, parents and troop leaders a creative way to connect with healthy living. The site offers unique and innovative ways for Girl Scouts to engage in online and offline activities to get them moving and choosing their own fun healthy foods.

The goals of the partnership

  • Empower girls to live happy healthy lives
  • Create positive change in our communities
  • Find creative ways to support and connect girls and troop leaders to the Girl Scouts National Program Portfolio Journeys

How the ZisBoomBah Site Works: Sign Up Process


  1. Troop Leaders or Parents register at
  2. Contact to request your troop be setup.
  3. Ask parents to register their girls with the Group Code provided by ZisBoomBah after the troop is registered.
  4. Have fun learning about healthy living!

Girl and Troop leader benefits

  • Troop Leaders, you can register your troop or individual girl and have a wealth of resources at your hands, such as Quests designed by a team of nutritionists and fitness experts and that also meet the Girl Scouts National Leadership outcomes.
  • The site incorporates the new Healthy Habits Journey supplements into the games and activities creating a unique customization that is right for your girls and your troop.
  • Troop Leaders have the added benefit of setting your own personal troop and badge goals through the Challenger Calendar it also allows you to keep your troop on track even when you’re not able to see each other face-to-face.
  • The site gives girls the power to make realistic choices that are right for them and creates a forum to have healthy discussions through their Girl Scout group page

Girl and Troop Leader testimonials

Our troop used for our Agent of Change Journey. The girls loved completing their Quests and seeing how their fellow Girl Scouts were doing on the Leaderboard.

“Using encouraged my troop to move more, try new foods and have fun with each other online AND offline.” – Susan, Troop Leader

“I learned that there are SO many ways to eat healthy and love what you’re eating at the same time!”- Paige, 10