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Planned Giving
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Planned Giving

Shortly after Juliette Gordon Low founded Girl Scouts of the USA in 1912, she sold her extremely valuable necklace of rare pearls to support the organization. She wanted to ensure that Girl Scouts would help girls discover, lead and make the world better for generations to come.

Your legacy gift can be one of the precious pearls in this strand. By including Girl Scouts of Colorado in your estate and financial plans, you support girls throughout Colorado in a meaningful and permanent way.

Your planned gift of any amount is an investment in the future and will enroll you in the Juliette Gordon Low Legacy Society. An undesignated bequest of $10,000 or more automatically becomes part of our permanent endowment—a truly lasting legacy!

A planned, or legacy gift can be revocable—a charitable bequest in your will, for example—so that you can change your mind at any time. Or it can be irrevocable—given once and for all—so that you benefit from an immediate income tax deduction. The attraction of irrevocable legacy gifts is that they are deferred. You allocate an asset today, but the actual giving of the asset is put off for a while—often until after your lifetime (and that of a surviving beneficiary, if you wish). Until that time, you receive benefits from the gift. For example, with a charitable remainder trust, you receive regular lifetime payments from the asset after it’s placed in a trust, and then Girl Scouts of Colorado receives the remainder of the trust after you die. Or you could deed us a remainder interest in your home and still retain the right to live in it for life. 

Find out more about charitable gift annuities.

We’ve designed a brochure to summarize the benefits of the main types of charitable gifts. We encourage you to seek the advice of your estate planning attorney or financial advisor when considering how to leave a lasting legacy. If you have any questions, please contact 303-607-4896 or