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It's Your World—Change It!
Introducing the First Series of Journeys

Your Voice, Your World:
The Power of Advocacy

How often have you seen something that really needed to be changed and wondered, "Why isn’t someone doing something about that?" This journey gives Girl Scout Ambassadors a way to be that someone—an advocate with the power to start the first flutter of real and lasting change. While creating their own "butterfly effect," they'll gain an array of skills—such as networking, planning and learning to speak up for what they believe—that will benefit them as they prepare for life beyond high school.




It's Your Planet—Love It!
Introducing the Second Series of Journeys

•Justice—for Earth and all its inhabitants—we all know what it is. Why is it so hard to achieve?
•Ambassadors realize that maybe justice needs a brand-new equation—their equation.
•By "Doing the Math" with even the simplest of acts, deciphering how decisions get made, and exploring how to use scientific evidence, Ambassadors will create and then present their own unique equation for what justice asks of us.
•Along the way, they will find they are also networking and gathering new ideas for college and careers.
•Ambassadors can also take some time out to Nest and Soar as they ponder new inspirations from birds around the world.
•When they add the Sage Award to their list of accomplishments, Ambassadors will be confident that they are they are the wise and healing leaders Earth yearns for!

It's Your Story—Tell It!
Introducing the Third Series of Journeys

BLISS: Live It! Give It!
Ambassadors learn to dream big, now and for their future, and begin their legacy as leaders who help others achieve their dreams too. As they prepare to move from high school into the next phase of their lives, BLISS helps girls navigate life's twists and turns in order realize their dreams – whether she wants to win a Gold Medal discover a vaccine that cures a disease or run for president.