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Tribute Gifts

Donations are listed first by honoree, then by donor.  Tribute gifts are updated quarterly and remain online for one year.
In tribute to Stephanie Allen
Mary Medley
In tribute to Peggy Allen
Jandel Allen-Davis
In tribute to Rose Allender
Jennifer Allender
In tribute to Jessie Barnett Ambler
Marjane Ambler
In tribute to Elaine Berman
Faye Washington
In tribute to Marilyn Ross Blum
Richard H. Erbe
Sandy Taylor and Chuck Vail
In tribute to Marcia McClure Boggs
Susan Dodge

In tribute to Kathryn Border
Donner Border
In tribute to Gianna Borzileri
Darcey Borzileri
In tribute to Katie Brosh
Jennifer and John Alexander
In tribute to Stephen Ellis Busch
Duane and Carl Sanders
In tribute to Connie Campbell
Jennifer Bater
Teresa and William Elder
In tribute to Ruth Campbell
Caron Campbell
In tribute to Mattea and Sienna Cerbo
Cile Chavez
In tribute to Julie Cerbo
Cile Chavez
In tribute to Katherine Chau
Yen Chau
In tribute to Rebecca Collins (Ambrose)
In tribute to Sue Conry
Michaelle Smith
In tribute to Jessie “Cissy” Matthews Coward
Elsie Bentz
Beverly Ordon
In tribute to Loretta Daron
Barbara and John Plungy
In tribute to Meghan and Michael Doherty
BJ Scott
In tribute to Cathy Finlon
Emily Reaser
In tribute to Stephanie Foote
Born to Build Foundation/Taryn Edwards
Sheila and Richard Bugdanowitz
Elsa Holguin
In tribute to Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout Staff
Marcia Clement Breit
Nora Barefield
In tribute to father of Michelle Gjerde
Michelle and Steven Gjerde
In tribute to Marion E. Gray
Anne and Larry Gerster
In tribute to Nyla Brosvneor
Jeanne and Thomas Russell
In tribute to Marnie Haft
Janice Haft
In tribute to Pene Harrison
Sarah Harrison and Thomas P. Fair Sr.
In tribute to Yvonne Herder
Pamela Herder
In tribute to Paula Herzmark
Glory Weisberg
In tribute to Arlene Hirschfeld
Jennifer Evans and Jackson Tankersley
In tribute to Beth Hit
Linda Ray
In tribute to Georgia Imhoff
Walt Imhoff
In tribute to Jean Jones
Bronwyn Bateman
In tribute to Carol Mezei Jones
Cheryl and Ralph Newman
In tribute to Grandpa Pop and Grandpa Louie
Margaret and Craig Christensen
In tribute to Rose Lovell
Mary Lovell
In tribute to Taylor Lowry
Michelle and John Lowry
In tribute to Michelle Lucero
Suzy Jaeger
Jerrod Milton
Lisa Shannon
Jennifer Smith
In tribute to Dorothy M. and Lewis Luff

In tribute to Emily Madison marriage
Laura Zimmerman
In tribute to Nancy Millensifer
Jean Giroulx
In tribute to Margaret Miller
Shelby Mattingly
In tribute to Judy Moisey-Asay
Joyce and John Hanson
In tribute to Shelly Moreschini
Jayne Mazur
Jayne Mitchell
Patricia Orman
In tribute to Merial “Mem” Myers
Jennifer A. Klopf
Judy Martinez
Maureen McCloskey
Charla Viehe
In tribute to Karen Nakandakare
Kip Hughes
In tribute to Scotty Nash
Colorado Real Estate Finance Group, Inc.
In tribute to LaRae Orullian
Women’s Foundation of Colorado
In tribute to Andrea Jackson Parisi
Barbara Jackson
In tribute to Mary Jane Paterson
Andy Suhaka
In tribute to Pat Petrocine
Leona and Merrill Bolner
Jane Boyer
Linda and David Cleeland
Judy Crews
Geraldine Cummings
Katie and William Ellard
Sandra Galindo
Kathy and Jerome Green
Bonnie Hebert
Kay La Bella
Captain Thomas and Marilyn Maher
Margaret Melick
John R Peterson Trust
Eleanor and David Robinson
Mary and Richard Scott
Joan Van Horn
In tribute to Linda Poletti
Anne McDonald
In tribute to Ted Rhodes
Nancy and CJ Mucklow
In tribute to Kristin Richardson
Joy Johnson
Mary McGee
In tribute to Christine Riordan
Sharon Lassar
In tribute to Mimi Roberson
Katherine Roberson
In tribute to Regina Rodriguez
Juanita Chacon
MegaStar Financial
In tribute to Sara and Julie Seba
Dottie Davis
In tribute to Shari Shink
Becky Miller Updike
In tribute to Mary Currier Smilie
Michael Smilie and Midge Toomey
In tribute to Faith Smith
Paul Majors
In tribute to Sharon “Joe” Snider
Jo Anne Busch
In tribute to Clara Stone
Dan Connolly
In tribute to George and Pat Sugerman
Sandra Sugerman
In tribute to Sandy Taylor
Judith Baillie
Margaret and David Barber
Dolores and Jack Belden
Chris Bergerson
Luanne and Albert Buzbee
Mary Jo Cavender
Marta Constable
Ellen Cox
Michelle and Tommy Doole
Darrell Fleck
Ali Ghahremani
Paulette and David Greenberg
Nora and Linn Gustafson
Emily Gustafson
Janice Hann
Carla Hartsell
Jeanette Havesn
Diane Holmes
Jane Johnson
Marilyn and Philip Keith
Beverly Kim
Lori Lujan
Maureen McKasy-Donlin
Kristy Milligan
Kathryn Muns
Toby O’Briens
Tony Pray
Emily and Arthur Rasi
Cinda Rierson
Beverly Robbins
Elaine and Arlen Rubin
Rex Schultz
Carol and Wilbur Scott
Joan Vermaire and Bill Skea
Mary Jane and Larry Stanley
Bea Steahlin
Carol Walker
In tribute to Grandmother Blanch Thomas
Anita K. Russell
In tribute to Gerry Thomas
Dr. James Garb
Elizabeth and Bradley Glann
Geri and John Konenkamp
Laff, Campbell & Gordon, P.C.
Lynnette Morrison
Joan and Harold Sherwood
Deborah and Steven Snellen
In tribute to Lucille Ann Tidd
Marcie Tidd
In tribute to Jill Tietjen
Molly Broeren and Bill Mosher
In tribute to Troops
Jessica Carney
Kristen and Gary Otto
Linda Poletti
Linda Stetter
Theta Delta Sorority Chapter #9912
Marlene and Dennis Logan
In tribute to Lee Ann Vincent
Kathryn Vincent
In tribute to Christine Watkins
Tamara Bray
In tribute to Jonathan Weiss
Laurie Weiss
In tribute to Marilyn Werschky
Sandy Taylor and Chuck Vail
In tribute to Amy Mae West
Nancy and Michael West
In tribute to Polly Weston
Joan Morrill
In tribute to Myriah Wilkins
American Animal Hospital Association
Mark Johnson
Rachael Mays and Phil King
Kelley Levesque
Rita and Mark Throckmorton
Kitty and Anthony Wilkins

Tribute Gifts

Honor an important person in your life with a celebration or memorial gift to Girl Scouts of Colorado.

Girl Scouting is about strong girls, strong women and strong families. Honor a special person in your life who has been your mother, your daughter, your mentor, role model or friend.

Download a tribute form.