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Gold Award
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Gold Award


The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. It recognizes girls in grades 9 through 12 who demonstrate extraordinary leadership projects. Since 1916, girls have successfully answered the call to Go Gold, an act that indelibly marks them as accomplished members of their communities and the world.


Gold Award Training

  • Gold Award training is a required step for girls, and strongly suggested for Girl Scouts leaders, advisors, and parents.
  • In-person training is available throughout the year. Check the Activity FInder for a schedule.
  • Virtual training is available on-demand via a 3-part video tutorial.
Training Handouts


Before You Begin - Project Prerequisites

  •     Be in 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th grade and be a registered Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador member.
  •     Have completed two Senior or Ambassador Journeys OR have earned the Girl Scout Silver Award and completed one Journey.
  •     Attend Gold Award Training in-person or virtually.

Get Started - GoGold Online

  • Do not begin the bulk of work on your project until you have completed training, and interviewed and presented to the Committee.
  • GoGold Online allows you to save information as you work through the 7 Project Steps. Check out this video for some info on the 7 steps.
  • From this point, your project is expected to take you individually about 80 hours.
Where to Go for Help
Community Project Advisor This is an adult you choose, who is knowledgeable about your project topic. This person cannot be your parent or troop leader.
Gold Award Committee Mentor You’ll meet this person after you submit your proposal. Their role is to ensure your project meets all Gold Award requirements and help keep you on track.
Troop Leaders Can be a great resource to coach you along your project but be sure to remind them that it’s YOUR individual project!
Parents Can be a great support, but be sure to remind them that it’s YOUR project!
Council Staff Email, or view the contact list for your region
Other team members You get to build your own team, to make sure to include people who are also passionate about your project, and rely on them for help!


Resources to help you create a plan and get help


Interview with Gold Award Committee and Get Feedback

  • Submit your proposal via GoGold Online. Council will review and schedule you for interview (Allow 4-6 weeks).
  • After your presentation, the project will either be “approved”, “approved with conditions”, or “needs improvement”.
  • You will be assigned a Gold Award Committee Mentor at or before interview.
Interview and Proposal Resources
  • Prepare and practice verbalizing your project pitch - an energetic and passionate 30 second summary of what you will do
  • Practice answering questions about your project including your leadership role, the budget, the timeline etc.
  • Especially important is how your solution is sustainable, how you will measure the impact, and how it demonstrates a link to a national or global issue.
  • Do not begin the bulk of work on your project until you have interviewed and presented to the Committee.

Take Action

  • Be sure to stay in touch with your Project Advisor and Gold Award Committee Mentor  - check in at least 1x month!
  • You may so she can help you with media opportunities while you’re working on your project and we can help recognize your efforts.

Final Report and Presentation

To be included in spring celebrations, final reports must be submitted by March 1 each year (reports received after March 1 will be included in the following spring celebration, or in a fall celebration)

  • Review your Final Report with your Gold Award Committee Mentor, they are there to help you prepare for the final presentation!
  • Submit your Final Report via GoGold Online.
  • Your Final Report and Committee presentation must be completed by September 30th of your graduating year.