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Sell Cookies

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Sell Cookies


Start your own cookie business!

Ever thought about spending the weekend at the beach or a mountain resort?  Or maybe you want to go camping with your troop? Not only do Girl Scout Cookies taste delicious, but you can do these things and many more just by selling cookies. Did you know your troop earns 65 cents for every box of cookies you sell? Here are some ways to sell more cookies and go on more troop outings:

  • Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies, so ask everyone you know including coaches, dentists and teachers.
  • Go door-to-door with a friend and a parent.
  • Make a flyer to put on people’s doors if they are not home. Create an online e-mail account just for your troop and mention it on the flyer. (Remember: Never give away personal information to people you don’t know.)
  • Be enthusiastic at Booth Sales. People are more likely to buy if you are happy and love your product. Suggest recipes that include Girl Scout Cookies.

Cookies Make a Big Difference

If people don’t want to buy cookies for themselves or can’t eat them due to dietary restrictions, suggest donating them to the Hometown Hero program. Select a Hometown Hero to donate to. Your customers get to support Girl Scouts and a community nonprofit at the same time!

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