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Program Levels

Girls now have three series of National Leadership Journeys to choose from!

On every Leadership Journey, everything girls do—whether it's performing science experiments, creating art projects, cooking simple meals, or learning to protect the planet's water supply—is aimed at giving them the benefits of the Girl Scout "Keys to Leadership": Discover, Connect, Take Action.

Program Levels

Girls may participate by joining an existing troop, creating a new troop, attending camps, participating in events, enjoying travel opportunities or by joining an interest group. There are great things going on at all levels of Girl Scouting.


Click on your age level below to see more about what Girl Scouts do.


Daisy (K-1)
"I love being a Daisy!—it's hard not to when you have so much fun! I've made so many new friends." 
~ Hannah, 5


Brownie (2-3)

"Since I have only brothers in my family, I'm glad I have sisters around the world."
~ Sarah, 6


Junior (4-5)

"The other day, I went to Joshua Tree National Park in California and climbed rocks and went on a trail.
I also had 10 inches of my hair cut off and donated it to Locks of Love to use in wigs for kids who are sick and have lost their hair. I love Girl Scouts!" ~ Haily, 11


Cadette (6-8)

"I like being in all-girl groups because you can share things and not have to worry about somebody blabbing it to the whole school. Also, you form a bond between the girls in the group—you feel you belong." ~ Shar, 14


Senior (9-10)

“Climbing was scary, but so much fun! It’s fun to be on top of the world with wind in your hair and seeing your friends far down below.” ~ Seneca, 15

Ambassador (11-12)

“It was an amazing feeling to see the girls in the dresses we made and to say I dressed a girl around the world.”
~ Emmalee,  16


Juniors can earn: The Girl Scout Bronze Award

Cadettes can earn: The Girl Scout Silver Award

Ambassadors can earn: The Gold Award