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Lazy Acres


Terms and Conditions

RESERVATIONS: Reservations for properties need to be made no later than 30 days from the reservation date. If final payment for a reservation isn’t received 30 days before the reservation date, the reservation will be cancelled. Groups will not be allowed to reserve more than one property for the same group and date.

LATE FEE: Any changes to lodging, food service, and activities that occur within 14 days from a reservation date will be assessed a $25 late fee. The changes include both additions and deletions.

Read all the Terms and Conditions.

Lazy Acres


Breathtaking San Isabel National Forest awaits

Nestled in the breathtaking San Isabel National Forest near Rye, Lazy Acres is a rustic property that is well suited to nature enthusiasts and family events. This 46-foot property includes a lodge/hall, seasonal cabins and cabin/tents.

Adventures at Lazy Acres:

nature study
camp craft skills
outdoor cooking
service projects
beginning backpacking

Utilizing a program will be at an additional fee.