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Training Designs and Handouts

Training Designs and Handouts

These documents are intended for GSCO certified trainers only. They are not intended for use outside of scheduled GSCO trainings. To register for a GSCO training, click here.
GSCO Training Evaluation (survey monkey based)  (8-2013)

Nuts and Bolts for New Leaders  (8-2014)

New version of Nuts and Bolts reflects an updated outline and look to reflect the video version published on youtube. The content is very similar to the 2013-14 version, but there are some animations built in. Make sure to fully preview all slides before presenting to a group of new volunteers!

Power Point Presentation

Video Presentation

Resource Packet

Slides handouts with note taking space

Age Level Trainings (8-2013)*

These 3 hour trainings are designed to equip Girl Scouts leaders, both new and bridging, with the tools they need to facilitate each Program Level with their girls. Topics covered include developmental characteristics, group agreements, GSLE, National Program Portfolio including Journeys and Girls Guide, Community Service and Take Action, Traditions and Ceremonies, meeting and year planning, field trip safety and resources.

*Handouts updated 8-2014 to reflect new corporate office and shop addresses.  Also, page numbers were added!  We are being good Girl Scouts and using up stock already printed so you might receive old versions in your training supplies August - October 2014.

Daisy 101 Training Design

Brownie 101 Training Design

Daisy / Brownie 101 Combo Handouts

Junior 101 Training Design

Older Girl (Cadette/Senior/Ambassador) Training Design


Overnight Trips (8-2013)

  • Updated Council staff contact to Program Team
  • Travel Application is no longer used. We now ask trip leadership to report any trip to Council online here
  • Additional insurance only covers "program participants." Thus, tagalongs are not covered under any additional insurance policy troop may purchase from Council.
  • Volunteer Essentials page numbers were removed to allow for annual updating of that publication
  • Money Earning Application is no longer used. We now ask troop leadership to use the Money Earning Checklist, found in Volunteer Essentials and here
  • Opportunity Grant requests are now submitted online here

Training Design


Extended Trips (8-2012)

Training Design


Cooking and Camping (8/2012, handouts 3/2015)

Training Design

Handouts - revised 3/2015 to reflect updates to property reservation process


Its Your Journey, Customize It

Training Design


I said, She Said: Conflict Resolution

Training Design

Handouts *coming soon