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Focus on Ability

Focus on Ability

The Program

This program is for girls age 5-18 identified as needing special education (girls have learning, behavioral, mental and physicals disabilities ranging from mild to extreme.) Positive peers (girls without disabilities) are also encouraged to participate. This program was created to give all girls the opportunity to take part in Girl Scouting and began in 1986.


In a safe environment girls with special needs work on Girl Scout programming. This programing can be individualized to and can be adapted to each girl’s needs. Girls benefit from activities that allow them to gain self-awareness, self-respect and a sense of accomplishment through participation in new opportunities.

How it works

The girls meet for one hour every week during the school day. Girl Scouts of Colorado provides paid and/or volunteer adults to fill the role of “Troop Leaders.” The organization hosting the program provides a meeting location, recruits girls, and recommends possible volunteers for the program. All girls receive Girl Scout membership. The cost is based on your organizational need and resources.