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Fall Sale


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Fall Sale

The Fall Sale Program is limited to family, next-door neighbors, and family friends. It does not involve door-to-door selling. It's a great way for troops to earn startup money for the year. The Fall Sale Program helps girls learn 5 key skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

The Fall Sale is over for 2014. Hope to see you in 2015.

Questions? Email us.

Volunteer Position Agreements

If you're representing your troop or service unit as a fall sale manager, submit your position agreement for 2014:

2014 Fall Sale Important Dates

  • September 6-11: Training for Service Unit Fall Sale Managers and Troop Fall Sale Managers
  • September 12-30: Training for girls and families
  • October 4: Fall Sale starts!
  • October 26: Fall Sale ends
  • October 27: Orders, reports, and money due to Troop Fall Sale Managers(Includes: nuts and chocolate orders, Reach Out booklets, Girl Online Sales Report, paper magazine orders and money)
  • October 28 by 11pm: Troop Fall Sale Managers enter all girl orders into Nut-E and select rewards.
  • October 30: All orders and Girl Online Sales Reports due to Service Unit Fall Sale Managers. (Includes: Reach Out booklets, Girl Online Sales Reports, and paper magazine orders)
  • October 30 by 11pm: Service Unit Fall Sale Managers need to approve all troop orders in Nut-E.
  • October 31: GSCO will initiate a "test debit" of $.01 from participating troop accounts.
  • October 31: GSCO will submit nut/chocolate orders by noon. No late orders can be accepted.
  • November 4: SU Fall Sale Managers deadline to submit Reach Out booklets and paper magazine order forms (Submit at your local service center or designated destination.)
  • November 5-6: Product Sales staff verify receipt of paperwork from all service units.
  • November 12-15: Nuts and chocolate orders are delivered to Service Unit Fall Sale Managers.
    Orders need to be picked up by troops immediately and distributed to the girls for customer delivery!
  • November 17-21: Service Unit Fall Sale Managers receive girl incentives.
  • Incentives need to be picked up by troops as soon as possible. Report any discrepancies immediately!
  • November 18: Deadline to submit Money Problem Reports online. No paper copies will be accepted this season
  • November 20: Automatic withdrawal out of troop accounts for amount owed to council.
  • November 23: Last day girls should deliver nuts and chocolate to customers.
  • November 25: Last day to make changes in Nut-E.  Service Unit Fall Sale Managers should submit signed delivery ticket and a signed copy of troop T-2 from product pick up to Product Sales Specialist/Manager.
  • December 12: Last day to submit Returned Check Reimbursement Requests online. No paper copies will be accepted this season

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Fall Sale Materials

Here are the main resources you'll need to have a successful fall sale:

Troop Profit

All troops receive 13% of their QSP orders as troop profit, $1/item for nuts and chocolates, and $3 for each Reach Out Booklet completed with 9 unique adult names, addresses and a positive handwritten P.S. message. Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops may decide to take an additional 2% troop profit (15% total) on the QSP orders (along with the $1/item for nuts and candy and $3 for each Reach Out booklet) and then receive only patches instead of all of the other awards.


Girls can receive rewards for each different part of the sale. All rewards are cumulative.

  • 2 Magazine Orders: “Dive In” Patch
  • 10 Nut Orders: “Be Active” Patch
  • $650 Combined Orders: Large Plush Otter OR Recordable Scrapbook
  • $750 Combined Orders: 90 Piece Stationary Set OR $25 Fall Program Credits
  • $850 Combined Orders: Water Bottle and Soccer Ball set OR $35 Fall Program Credits and Goal Achiever Patch.

A separate patch can be earned for each of the following: (See order card for details on patches.)

  • Completing 1 Reach Out Booklet
  • Selling 10 orders for the military
  • Sending 12 or more emails and personalizing account home page for magazines/photo keepsakes and nuts/chocolate.

Patch Program

Girls can earn the Be a Reader patch by participating in this program with their troop. Be a Reader encourages girls to find the fun in reading and teamwork as they complete age appropriate activities. You will receive more details on this program with the Fall Sale materials. This patch will be for sale in the council shop.


Girls may invite family and friends to order magazines/photo keepsakes and nuts/chocolate online!