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Civic Girl and Mock Trial - /D/B/J/C - SW - 01/23/2013

Civic Girl and Mock Trial - /D/B/J/C - SW - 01/23/2013
Come work with local government officials that will host a mock trial for Girl Scouts of Colorado. Girl will get to learn about local government. Girls will get to experience a realistic trial first hand!
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 1/23/2013
Time: 5:30AM - 7PM
Cortez, CO 81321
Registration: 11/15/2012 to 1/09/2013

The girls will be the judge, attorneys, defendant, jury and the police.  With the direction of Judge Plewe they will learn how to conduct a mock trial involving the theft of an Ipod here in our own community.  After the mock trial the girls will be allowed to have pictures taken on the judge's bench with the gavel and robe on.

This event will take place in Cortez.

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