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World Thinking Day Celebration - /D/B/J/C/S/A - PP - 02/23/2013

World Thinking Day Celebration - /D/B/J/C/S/A - PP - 02/23/2013
Join us as we celebrate World Thinking Day 2013.
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 2/23/2013
Time: 10AM - 2PM
Woodland Park, CO
Registration: 10/31/2012 to 2/10/2013
Cost: $10.00 (girl) / $0.00 (adult)

Looking for a fun and easy way to spend time with your troop or  make new friends? Join the Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Global Girl Scouting Committee as we celebrate World Thinking Day in three locations around the state. This year, along with the Girl Scouts of the USA, we are celebrating the Republic of Ireland, Jordan, Malawi, Pakistan, Venezuela and the United States by looking at the culture and lives of girls in these countries through music and activities.

You will get the chance to learn more about WAGGGS and the Millennium Development Goals four and five focused on reducing child mortality and improving maternal health. Examples of activities include games about sanitation  and healthy living habits for kids as well as activities to celebrate our mothers and mothers around the globe. 

The shop will  be present at all of these events and lodging can be made available at Magic Sky and Sky High ranch locations for an additional fee.
For lodging visit:

Price: Early bird- $10 a child; Walk ins- $12; adults are free
This cost includes a meal, patch, four hours of games and activities and six swaps.

For more information on program specific details please contact

This event will take place at Sky High Ranch.

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