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Cool Science - /D/B - PP - 02/09/2013

Cool Science - /D/B - PP - 02/09/2013
Join the staff of Cool Science and the United States Air Force Academy for a day of exploring!
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 2/09/2013
Time: 1PM - 4PM
Colorado Springs, CO
Registration: 10/31/2012 to 1/27/2013
Cost: $10.00 (girl) / $0.00 (adult)

Activities will include:
Paper Towers: This is a fun engineering activity that promotes creativity, teamwork and skil. Girls must build a tower out of paper that can support a ball or books and a wind storm!
Food Chemistry: Girls will do a variety of different experiments to explore the science of food, including some edible ones.
Rockets: During this sessions, girls will practice loading and launching an Alka Seltzer rocket and see what conditions will optimize the height of the launch.
Chemical Magic Show: The workshop closes with a fantastic magic show put on by members of ths USAFA Department of Chemistry.
Snacks will be provided.
Due to the limited space of the AFA labs, the girl-adult ration for this event is 1 adult for every 5 girls attending.

This event will take place in Colorado Springs

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