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Ponderosa Pines Mini Power Up - /D - MD - 12/02/2012

Ponderosa Pines Mini Power Up - /D - MD - 12/02/2012
An all-girl program, Power Up is focused on preventing the unique verbal and relational bullying prevalent among girls.
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 12/02/2012
Time: 2PM - 5PM
Littleton, CO
Registration: 10/31/2012 to 11/18/2012
Cost: $7.00 (girl) / $0.00 (adult)

Power Up encourages the 85 percent of the population who are bystanders to bullying (rather than targets or bullies) to recognize the strength in those numbers and use it to intervene when they see something wrong. 

This events is for the Pandarosa Pines Service Unit.

This event takes place in Littleton
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