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Cancelled - Power Up Train the Facilitator - /C/S/A - NC - 10/19/2012

Cancelled - Power Up Train the Facilitator - /C/S/A - NC - 10/19/2012
Power Up is Girl Scouts of Colorado’s bullying prevention program focused on the kind of bullying that girls do most–excluding, ignoring, gossiping, and drama.
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 10/19/2012
Frisco, CO
Registration: 9/10/2012 to 10/07/2012
Cost: $75.00 (girl) / $75.00 (adult)

Using a same-sex setting, Power Up creates an environment where girls and adults become skilled at counteracting bullying behavior through experiential learning and processing girls’ actual encounters.

The program is research-based and outcomes-driven, and focuses on preventing the verbal and relational bullying prevalent among girls. Power Up teaches the 85% of people who are bystanders to bullying to find their power, stand up and defend others. 

In this 8 hour training, girls and adults will learn how to facilitate Power Up to girls. They will learn great tools to combat bullying, the reasoning and philosophy behind it, and how to teach it to their own community!

This event covers your curriculum, food, tshirt.

This event is takes place in Frisco.

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