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Daisy Troop Day @ Magic Sky Ranch

Daisy Troop Day @ Magic Sky Ranch
Bring your Daisy Troop to Magic Sky Ranch to check out what camp would be like. Sat. Oct. 6, 9am – 3pm, lunch included.
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 10/06/2012
Time: 9AM - 3PM
Where: Magic Sky Ranch
Registration: 8/21/2012 to 9/23/2012
Cost: $9.00 (girl) / $7.00 (adult)

Has your Daisy Troop expressed curiosity and excitement about camping and overnights? Are they (and you) excited and nervous for this new experience? 
Join us on Sat. Oct. 6 for Daisy Troop Day at Magic Sky Ranch.  9am – 3pm, lunch included.  Price per Daisy is $9, price per Troop Leader/Adults to maintain proper ratio is $7. 
A chance to check out camp, what the sleeping areas are like, practice bed rolls and packing, and also an opportunity to take a day hike.

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