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Animal Crackers at The Denver Center for Performimg Arts

Animal Crackers at The Denver Center for Performimg Arts
Girl Scout Night Out for Animal Crackers
Event Type: Outside Group Events
When: 5/10/2014
Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm
Where: The Denver Center for Performimg Arts
Stage Theatre
Denver, CO
Cost: $31.50 (girl) / $31.50 (adult)

From the zinging one-liners to its slapstick brilliance, this boisterous and raucous comedy about the theft of a valuable painting from a society dinner party is quintessential Marx Brothers mayhem. Watch Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo Marx come to life before your eyes — right before they tear up from laughter.
Run Time: TBA
Age Recommendation: Ages 6+.

Special Girl Scout Rate: $31.50 per person (This offer is only available until April 16th and whatever seats have not been purchased will be released back into the general ticketing system.)

Register here:

STEP 1: Each person will be asked first to login and create an account for billing purposes. 
STEP 2: Enter the below Customer number and Access Code:

Customer: 583595
Access code: 1ZI4S

Next click “Add to Order” and it will show them the performance time and date, click “CLICK HERE TO SELECT YOUR SEATS” and the list of available seats will appear to purchase.  Once all the seats are selected, click “Add to Order” and check out.

Please call the group sales office at 303.446.4829 at any time with questions.

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