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Fall Product Sale Manager - PP - 8/29/2013

Fall Product Sale Manager - PP - 8/29/2013
Join a member of our Product Sales team for this class on how to successfully run the Fall Product Sale (nuts, candy and magazine)​ with your girls.
Event Type: Adult Learning
When: 8/29/2013
Time: 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM
Where: Colorado Springs Service Center
Colorado Springs, CO
Registration: 8/13/2013 to 8/28/2013

This training is for Service Unit Fall Sale Managers only. Find out what all the “buzz” is about to helping troops earn start-up funds for fall activities.

Must be an approved volunteer to serve in these positions (current member, volunteer application and background check completed).

Sufficient materials may not be available for walk-up attendees

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