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Series: Power Up - /J/C - PP

Series: Power Up - /J/C - PP
Learn how to be a true friend at this fun, high energy event. You will learn how to know bullying when you see it, and how to stop it! Power Up is Girl Scouts of Colorado’s bullying prevention program focused on the kind of bullying that girls do most: ex
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 6/07/2013
Time: 04:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Where: Colorado Springs Service Center
Registration: 5/13/2013 to 5/31/2013
Cost: $12.00 (girl) / $0.00 (adult)

In Power Up girls learn...
Who Has the Power?
Understand the role power plays in friendships and how to use that power for good
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly
Know what makes a good friend and how to handle it when friendships get ugly
Change Your World!
Figure out what roles are played in girl dramas and how you can be more than a bystander when girls are teased or left out.
This is a four week series starting on Friday June 7th and ending on Friday June 28th. It will run every Friday in June from 4-6pm. Girls will need to attend every four Fridays of the session.
We will provide a snack for the girls, please note food allergies upon checkout.

For more information on program specifics please contact

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