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Reach for the Peak - /C/S/A - PP - 09/06/2013

Reach for the Peak - /C/S/A - PP - 09/06/2013
9/06/2013 to 9/08/2013
Reach for the Peak is an annual 3-day, outdoor skills competition for girls, ages 11-17. Girls are judged in nine skill sets including knots, outdoor cooking and hiking awareness.
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 9/06/2013 to 9/08/2013
Where: Sky High Ranch
Registration: 3/21/2013 to 8/23/2013
Early Bird: 3/21/2013 to 5/31/2013
Cost: $18.00 (girl) / $18.00 (adult)
Early Bird: $15.00 (girl) / $15.00 (adult)

Reach for the Peak has been an annual outdoor skills competition for over 25 years. Girls compete in knot tying skills, camping skills including site selection, tent setup, leave no trace skills, and many more skills. Reach for the Peak is a chance for girls to learn new skills, refine learned skills, and demonstrate their expertise in competition. Troops are awarded the Marmot, Big Horn Sheep, Eagle or Peak Award for their efforts. Juliette's are welcome to form teams or join others for the event.

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Call for volunteers: Reach for the Peak is seeking adult volunteers for the year-round committee and judges for the competiton. The committee plans and runs the event each year with meetings monthly. Teleconferencing during some of these meetings is possible. Judges are committed the weekend of the event and may be assigned as a hike judge or station judge, based on interest.

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